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Amy Lynn Durham – Corporate Mystic

February 02, 2021 Marie Gervais Season 4 Episode 3
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Amy Lynn Durham – Corporate Mystic
Show Notes

Bio for Amy Lynn Durham 

Amy Lynn Durham is the author of “Create Magic At Work” and the Founder of the “Create Magic At Work” Membership Group. She is a UC Berkeley Certified Executive Coach and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Episode highlight

As a corporate executive, Amy Lynn Durham did not feel she was being herself. Listen in on how she discovered the path to authentic self-expression by combining the magic of spiritual and emotional intelligence.










“Everybody comes from a place where they’re trying to do the best they can as a parent.” 

“If you don’t hear the universe when it whispers, it’s going to scream.”

“We’re afraid to be big sometimes.”


Childhood Incidents

Amy’s childhood was defined by her not having an opportunity to make herself heard. She defines the atmosphere at home as conflict-avoidant where her issues were swept under the carpet.

Influential Groups 

Amy was born into a middle-class, hardworking family and she credits them with her strong work ethic. Raised in a large farming community in central California in the mid-1970s, Amy says that her worldview was limited. She also claims that being raised Christian sowed the seeds of a divided self because she considered herself more spiritual than religious.

Travelling for work later in life helped her experience different cultures, expanded her world view and helped her express her spiritual beliefs. Being a woman in the corporate world shaped her leadership skills.

Temperament and Personality Influences

Amy says she was born an introvert. She has been able to express herself more as she has grown older, aided by the leadership opportunities she was given in the corporate world.

Cultural Epiphanies

Amy realized that what her Christian upbringing taught her about right and wrong and good and bad people was different from her spiritual self-expression that all humans are one. 

Advice to an Employer 

Amy asks anyone working with her to trust her and the process to help them uncover their true selves. 

More Great Insights! 

Visit Amy’s website to get coaching, join her membership group and access enjoyable tools to use at the workplace. Be sure to read her book to fill your work life with magic and spark your creativity!

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