Why Crazy Busy Doesn't Work
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Interior Design Business
Why Crazy Busy Doesn't Work
Apr 06, 2024 Episode 87
Terri Taylor

Do you feel like you’re always busy and yet you can never seem to get ahead?

The truth is that staying crazy busy isn’t helping you as much as you think it is and in this episode of the Interior Design Business podcast, I’m exploring why.

Successful business owners have teams of different people to do different jobs, leaving them with more time to work on the things that pay the big bucks. When you’re always busy working in your business, it’s impossible to find time to work on it, and that work is really important. 

I’m going to help you stop measuring your worth based on how busy you are so that you can let go of some of the everyday tasks you’re holding on to and free up your time to work on things that get you paid. 

Topics covered in this episode include:

  • Where the most profit lies in your business
  • The value of outsourcing small tasks 
  • Why staying crazy busy doesn’t work 

If you’re exhausted from being busy all the time, don’t miss this episode.

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