Exceptional Parents, Extraordinary Challenges

Episode 24- Meet Mindy: Mom, Ed Consultant, Parent Coach

January 10, 2023 Angie Shockley, Dave Gold Season 1 Episode 24
Exceptional Parents, Extraordinary Challenges
Episode 24- Meet Mindy: Mom, Ed Consultant, Parent Coach
Show Notes

Join us as we talk with Mindy Goodman.  Mindy is a parent, Educational Consultant and Parent Coach.  Mindy has a ton of experience working with families, and she also has some great parenting background raising her kids.  https://www.newchaptersconsulting.com
Mindy offers up some very great advice.  Here are the 5 takeaways from the show:
1. Forgive yourself for being human
2. For a challenging child who is emotionally and socially delayed, keep them in school until age 21 if possible.
3. While living at home, boundaries and structure are critical.  “Job, school, volunteer - pick one” was her rule
4. Is it a “you” issue or a “them” issue?  Manage your expectations as a parent and meet your kid where he/she/they are rather than putting your generalized expectations on a child who will not benefit from what you perceive as “the right path”
5. Respond not react (stay out of the unholy trinity)

Exceptional Parents, Extraordinary Challenges: 
Angie has helped young adults, adolescents, and their families through residential treatment centers, wilderness programs, and young adult transitional living programs where she has spent the majority of a 30 year career. She is also a Certified Shamanic Practitioner utilizing the traditional healing methods of indigenous cultures in her work with families and individuals. She has been instrumental in guiding Dave through  the challenging journey with his own daughter. In the podcast, Angie and Dave provide unique advice and perspectives - Dave as a parent who has applied Angie's wisdom to his own journey as a father - to help you navigate our parenting challenges

While being a parent is an integral part of Dave’s journey, his deepest passion remains guiding others to the peace, freedom and love that find their way to us when we finally step fully into greater love and self-acceptance. And the heart and wisdom that is directly transmitted through this podcast will prove instructive, insightful and liberating, irrespective of your particular life journey, parental or otherwise,

About your hosts:
Angie Shockley is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Coach, and Owner of young adult transitional living programs. She brings 30+ years of experience working with teens, young adults and their families, as well as individuals.  She has developed a strong intuitive ability to see the underlying issues and provide avenues for positive change and growth.

Angie has found that most people, regardless of age, lack the ability and vision to see past challenges in their lives. They operate from limiting beliefs which have formed through their lives, from their genetic lineages (DNA), environmental influences, trauma responses, or relationships. She has the unique ability of shining a light on the shadows, helping people gain awareness and build skills to step back into their lives with more flow, confidence, and happiness.

Dave Gold’s 45 years as a businessman, trial lawyer, executive consultant, and spiritual mentor have given him the unique power to immediately “See” both the single biggest obstacle and deepest dreams in all those whom he mentors and befriends.

Angie Shockley mindfulangie@gmail.com
Dave Gold dave@davegold.com

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