Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine

TFB Holiday Quick Bytes - Runner's Gift Guide for "On the Run"

November 16, 2022 Coach Shelby & Coach Christine Season 1 Episode 29
Time for bRUNch with Shelby & Christine
TFB Holiday Quick Bytes - Runner's Gift Guide for "On the Run"
Show Notes

Hey, friend,

Thank you for joining us for Quick Bytes - Holiday edition.

This will be the 1st of 7 specially designed runner and walker gift guides and holiday specials to get you everything you need or could ever want to ask for from Thanksgiving to the New Year!

This episode focuses on items you should have included on your wishlist for "On the Run," so great items to have or accessorize with, from walks to full-out sprints and every training run in between. Want all of the links of the products we discussed in the episode? Find them here >>

If you feel like your favorite item didn't "make the list",  stay tuned, we still have plenty more episodes and categories coming up.

We also announce what we have on OUR wishlist! Which is to hit 10k Downloads by the end of 2022.

We want you to know how grateful we are for your support and as we have mentioned, we are committed to keeping these bRUNch and Quick Bytes going at no cost to you, but we NEED your help to keep that rolling, and one of the easiest ways is to spread the word.

So to coincide with this Gift Guide Holiday series, we are launching our 10k Downloads Giveaway, and we want YOU to decide on what the grand prize should be for one lucky winner.

Head over to Instagram or find us on Facebook and cast your vote!

In the meantime, all you have to do to be entered to win is spread the love, share TFB by taking a screenshot of your review on your podcast listening platform or post your workout and link it back to Time for bRUNch by using hashtag #tfb10k

Today's workout is a whole lotta Fiesty & festive fun.
Conversation Pace 5 min
Pace Change 1 min

Conversation Pace 10 min
Pace Change 1 min

Conversation Pace 15 min
Pace Change 3 min

Cool-down walk 5 min

Our Holiday Series Quick Bytes will be as scheduled -

Nov. 15 - Gift Guide for  "On the Run" 

Nov. 23 - Make it "Rein": Big Ticket Items ala Black Friday Sales

Nov. 29 - Giving Tuesday and Giving Back (This will be released on Tuesday instead of Wednesday)

Dec. 7 - What to Wear? "Snow" Problem, we got you covered!

Dec. 14 - Beyond Running: Post-run, recovery, crosstraining, & fun

Dec. 21 - Oh, Snaps! Stocking Stuffers & Last-Minute Deals

Dec. 30 - Wait, there's "Myrrh"  How to Treat Yo "Elf" for the New Year

Thank you so much for making this podcast possible! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@timeforbrunch.com.

Please consult a physician before any new workout regimen!

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