ILX Podcasts
S1E1: PRINCE2® in 15 minutes
ILX Podcasts
S1E1: PRINCE2® in 15 minutes
Aug 21, 2018 Season 1 Episode 1
ILX Group

ILX has launched its first podcast series, which takes a look at some of our best-selling and most talked about courses in easy, 15-minute bites. First up, we’ll be delving into the depths of PRINCE2® with one of our PRINCE2 trainers, Karen Turner. Karen will be giving you a brief insight into what PRINCE2 is, what sorts of projects it’s most suitable for, and what exactly you’ll be learning on a PRINCE2 course. 

This episode was produced by Alice Crabtree. The music used in this podcast is called 'Start of the day' by Lee Rosevere and can be found here. It is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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