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S1E2: AgilePM® in 15 minutes
ILX Podcasts
S1E2: AgilePM® in 15 minutes
Sep 06, 2018 Season 1 Episode 2
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Next up in our 15-minute podcast series, in which we take a look at some of our most popular courses in easy, 15-minute bites, is AgilePM®. Our AgilePM lead trainer, Joe French, is going to take a quick look at what exactly we mean by agile and how this differs from what we’d call traditional project management, before exploring how AgilePM as a qualification gives you an intelligent blend of both of these concepts. 

This episode was produced by Alice Crabtree. The music used in this podcast is called 'Start of the day' by Lee Rosevere and can be found here. It is licensed under CC BY 4.0

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