From Cup to Coffee

Coffee & Cakes: A Marriage of Flavors

August 24, 2022 The Brewing Bakers Season 1 Episode 2
From Cup to Coffee
Coffee & Cakes: A Marriage of Flavors
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This London couple is pioneering an underdeveloped region of the culinary and coffee world!

Ana and Richard are fully exploring how coffee is integrated into baked goods, and making some delicious results along the way! Come learn how coffee and food connect, and how this relationship could play a part in the next-generation of coffee shop experiences!

If you have ever made a baked good with coffee, did you stop and consider the flavor profile of that coffee bean? Maybe its origin or roast profile? Well, The Brewing Bakers sure did! Whether it is a grapefruit-dark chocolate-coffee biscotti or my personal favorite, the vegan strawberry and lavender jam coffee babka, I guarantee they have a recipe for you!

Is the Fourth Wave Coffee a combination of drinking and eating specialty coffee? If it means getting to eat such amazing baked treats every day, we sure hope so!

Check out Ana and Richard's delicious recipes here and let us know what was your favorite:

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Guest Background and Coffee Journey
Recipe Inspiration
Bean Choice for Baked Goods
Bean Roast Changes During Baking
Favorite Recipes and Connection of Coffee-Food
Role of Food in the World of Coffee
The Future of Coffee Shops
Resources for YOU to Try Baking at Home!