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Elliot Tries Sports. Part 3

June 02, 2023 Story by Gavi Weiner. Voices: Robin Reed Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 2 Episode 107
Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!
Elliot Tries Sports. Part 3
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Elliot is mesmerized by the flips and jumps that gymnasts do! Can he become an athlete like them, too? He's tempted to try but doesn't know where to begin. Luckily, a gymnast teaches him basic moves to practice at home in preparation for the Community Tumbling Showcase! Elliot and his friends learn that mastering a new skill takes a lot of practice. 🤸 Tune into this 'Stories for Kids' episode to discover how Elliot uses confidence to master his Backward Bear Walk 🐼 … wish him luck!

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Speaker: Lingokids.

Speaker: Wow. Look at that big kid balancing on the beam.

Speaker: There's someone swinging on rings.

Speaker: Wow.

Speaker: Gymnastics is so cool. I am excited to try it.

Speaker: Elliot, gymnastics seems like a great match for your interests.

Speaker: Yes, because I'm interested in jumping and rolling and falling.

Speaker: Falling?

Speaker: Yes. Like into that big foam pit. Calabunga.

Speaker: Gymnastics has it all. Welcome to Stories for Kids by Lingokids where we discover fascinating facts about the world around us, and the fun of play learning. In the last couple episodes, Elliot realized he did not like playing soccer, but then he found a sport he did like. Gymnastics. Today, in part three, Elliot finds that new things don't always come easy. Can he learn to do gymnastics? Where will he begin? Let's find out.

Speaker: That's the biggest bluest floor I've ever seen.

Speaker: Let's try walking on it. It's bouncy.

Speaker: This is my new favorite floor.

Speaker: Look, there's a gymnast running on it. It looks like she's getting ready to do something. Now she's jumping off and spinning in the air with her body rolled up like a little pole.

Speaker: Billy says that's a flip. It's called a front tuck.

Speaker: Ooh, that was wowie.

Speaker: Elliott, you are impressed

Speaker: That gymnast can do cool tricks. It is so cool.

Speaker: Yes. Are you excited to get started?

Speaker: Yes. Oh, actually, no. I could never do that.

Speaker: Elliot, you could try and see what happens. Look, nobody is using the floor now. It's your turn.

Speaker: I guess I could try something. Maybe I won't. I don't really know where to begin. I feel nervous.

Speaker: Go ahead, Elliot. Just run and start.

Speaker: All right. I don't know how to do this.

Speaker: Aw. Elliot, maybe you need help figuring out how to start. Since you're just beginning, you won't try a flip yet. That's too advanced. I'm sure there are skills at your level that you can work on today.

Speaker: Really?

Speaker: Yes. Why don't we ask that gymnast? I bet she'll know what would be just right for a beginner like you.

Speaker: Well, okay. Excuse me, gymnast.

Speaker: Oh, hello.

Speaker: I would like to do a front duck kick.

Speaker: Huh? Oops. I mean a front tuck flip just like you, but it's too hard. What do you think I can work on right now?

Speaker: Well, how about sitting in a tuck position on the floor? That's a good first step. Tuck position is when you make a little ball with your body.

Speaker: Okay.

Speaker: Want me to show you how?

Speaker: Yes.

Speaker: Yes.

Speaker: Let's try it together. Kids at home, you can do this body position too.

Speaker: Just sit with your bottom on the floor. Then pull your legs in tight and wrap your arms around yourself like you're giving your legs a big hug.

Speaker: Is this right?

Speaker: Yes. That's it. Nice job.

Speaker: Thanks. What's next?

Speaker: Now, you're ready for a bear walk.

Speaker: That sounds so cool.

Speaker: I'll show you how.

Speaker: Let's all try it together.

Speaker: From standing, bend forward and put your hands on the ground. Then put your bottom up in the air. Then use your hands and your feet to walk forward.

Speaker: Like this?

Speaker: You got it.

Speaker: I'm good at this bear walk. Maybe that's because I'm a bear.


Speaker: A panda bear.

Speaker: Elliot, your bear walk looks so nice.

Speaker: Thanks, Kelly. Watch this. I'm going to try to bear walk backwards.

Speaker: Good try, Elliot.

Speaker: Thanks. I don't think I can do a backwards bear walk.

Speaker: Try it again, Elliot.

Speaker: Okay. I can't do it. It's just too hard.

Speaker: It's okay, Elliot. Nobody masters every new skill on their first day trying it. It takes practice.

Speaker: Practice?

Speaker: Yes. That's when you try again and again, usually over many days. Practice helps you become strong, flexible, and coordinated. You can't get better without practicing. It's true for other sports too.

Speaker: I practice kicking almost every day, and I'm pretty good at soccer.

Speaker: I need to practice my backwards bear walk. That's how I'll get better at it. Bye.

Speaker: You're leaving right now?

Speaker: Yes. I have a lot of practicing to do. See you next week, everyone. Hey, Lisa. Look at my backwards bear walk now. I practiced every day.

Speaker: That backward bear walk looks great.

Speaker: I know. Thanks.

Speaker: Elliot, you have improved a lot in a week.

Speaker: Yes. I'm getting pretty good at gymnastics. I think I'm becoming strong. Guess what?

Speaker: What?

Speaker: I'm excited about the community tumbling showcase. I might even win.

Speaker: Lingokids listeners, thank you for joining Elliot at the gym. We learned about choosing skills at just the right level and how practice helps you improve at sports. I wonder how Elliot will do at the community tumbling showcase. Will his confidence last? Find out in the next episode. If you are ready for interactive play learning time, explore our Lingokids app. It offers fun and educational songs and games to help kids ages two and older learn and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. That's the power of play learning. See you in our next episode.


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