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Elliot Tries Sports. Part 4

June 03, 2023 Story by Gavi Weiner. Voices: Robin Reed Music and Sound Design: Juan Delgado. Season 2 Episode 108
Lingokids: Stories for Kids —Learn life lessons and laugh!
Elliot Tries Sports. Part 4
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Elliot is confident in his Backward Bear Walk and is ready for the Community Tumbling Showcase. However, the crowd and the lights make him feel anxious. How will he manage this stressful situation? Does he have what it takes to win the competition? Tune in to the final episode of our first-ever mini-series to discover the ending to Elliot’s sporty adventure. 🐼🤸

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Speaker: Lingokids.

Speaker: Today is the day. It's the Community Tumbling Showcase. I'm excited to perform my backwards bear walk. Everyone's going to love it.

Speaker: Elliot, you have practiced so much.

Speaker: Yes, I have. I got stronger this week. Just look at my strong arms.

Speaker: Oh, cool. Let's go inside. I'm so excited.

Speaker: Welcome to Stories for Kids by Lingokids, where we discover fascinating facts about the world around us and the fun of play learning. This is part four, the final part in our series Elliott and Sports, where our panda pal competes in the community tumbling showcase. We have front-row seats.

Speaker: There are a lot of people here. Those are bright lights.

Speaker: We start in five minutes, everyone. Five minutes.

Speaker: Those are loud sounds.

Speaker: Don't worry, Elliott, you'll be great. You got ready by practicing a lot. Just do it like you practiced.

Speaker: Okay, I will.

Speaker: Calling all gymnasts who signed up for the backward bear walk.

Speaker: Elliott, that's you.

Speaker: Oh, that's me.

Speaker: Which way is it?

Speaker: Over there?

Speaker: No, over here.

Speaker: Are you sure?

Speaker: I'm not.

Speaker: I can't think my thoughts.

Speaker: Everybody, slow down. We're all so excited to be here that we're moving too quickly. Let's just take a deep breath. In and out.

Speaker: I feel calmer. Look, there's a sign that says backward bear walk. It must be that way.

Speaker: Let's go.

Speaker: Elliott, we'll be here in the stands cheering for you.

Speaker: Yes. Go, Elliott.

Speaker: You got this, Elliott.

Speaker: Okay, thanks, everyone.

Speaker: Gymnast here for the backward bear walk, please line up.

Speaker: I better go.

Speaker: First gymnast, Fatimah.


Speaker: She was really steady at the backwards bear walk.

Speaker: Next gymnast, Elliot.

Speaker: Yaay. Go, Elliot.

Speaker: I guess it's my turn. There are so many eyes looking at me. They're making me feel hot and worried.

Speaker: Now, Elliott. Go ahead and start, Elliot.

Speaker: I don't know if I like all these people looking at me, but okay.

Speaker: Wu huu, Elliot.

Speaker: Hi, I'm Elliot, and this is my backward bear walk. Oh, no. I messed it up. Even though I practice so much. Oh, no.

Speaker: Elliott, it looks like you're feeling nervous.

Speaker: I am.

Speaker: I bet that makes your body feel different than when you were practicing.

Speaker: My body forgot how to do it. Now my shoulders feel tight and my face won't smile. I'm not good at my backward bear walk anymore.

Speaker: It'll be okay, Elliott. You're just nervous.

Speaker: Really?

Speaker: Yes, everybody gets nervous sometimes, especially trying a brand new thing like a Community Tumbling Showcase. The trick is to find ways to relax.

Speaker: How do I do that?

Speaker: Good question. Let's start by pausing and staying still for a moment. Kids at home, can you stay still for a moment too? Great. Now, how about closing our eyes? Then, instead of focusing on everyone looking at you, you can bring your focus inside. Kids at home, you can close your eyes, too. Nice job, everyone.

Speaker: This is making me feel not as worried.

Speaker: Wonderful. Now, let's try those deep breaths again. How about three? One. Two. Three.

Speaker: Elliott, do you still feel nervous?

Speaker: I feel better.

Speaker: If you start to get nervous again, you can always try those tricks. Pause, close your eyes, and take some deep breaths.

Speaker: Okay, I'm ready now. I found my focus.

Speaker: Now it's time for everyone's second turn. Elliot, you're up.

Speaker: I'm focused, I'm ready, and now my backward bear walk. I did it. I focused and did the best backward bear walk I've ever walked. I'm so excited.

Speaker: Nice work, Elliott. You were great out there.

Speaker: That was fun.

Speaker: Elliott, you tried something new in your new sport.

Speaker: Wow, I did. It was scary but also really exciting. I liked learning how to find my focus inside myself.

Speaker: Attention, please, as we announce the winner.

Speaker: Oh, no. It might not be Elliott.

Speaker: Best backward bear walk goes to tumbling extraordinary, Fatimah.

Speaker: Oh oh.

Speaker: Oh, no, Elliott. It's not you.

Speaker: Don't get upset, Elliott.

Speaker: I need to check in with myself. Actually, I feel proud. I am glad I tried something new. My second backward bear walk is the best one I've ever done.

Speaker: How exciting, Elliott.

Speaker: Now, I feel like playing outside. I don't really like all the sounds and the lights.

Speaker: Let's go.

Speaker: Don't forget the juice boxes. Yum.

Speaker: It's nice outside.

Speaker: Focusing takes a lot of work. It's a great idea to do something fun and easy afterwards, like roll down that hill.

Speaker: I love fun and easy things. Let's roll down the hill.

Kids: Yay.

Speaker: That was fun. Look, clouds floating by.

Speaker: I see a turtle.

Speaker: I see a dinosaur.

Speaker: I see a panda.

Speaker: Lingokids listeners, thank you for joining Elliott and the gang for our very first story series. When we started, Elliott didn't think he was any good at sports, but that changed when he dared to try something new and work hard at it. With a little help from his friends and a lot of practice, he learned he was good at sports. Here's to you, Elliott. If you are ready for interactive play learning time, explore our Lingokids app.

It offers fun and educational songs and games to help kids ages two and older learn and develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. That's the power of play learning.

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