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February 10, 2023 Arkansas Municipal League Season 1 Episode 3
City&Town: Podcast Series
The LegUP
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With the Governor's education package being discussed at the Capitol, the legislative session is really getting into full swing.  John, Blake and Jack cover the latest movement at the legislative session, and we hear from Rep. Frances Cavenaugh. Then the AML legislative team discusses the session as a whole and strategy for upcoming bills. 

Rep. Cavenaugh is serving her fourth term in the Arkansas House. She represents District 30 which includes portions of Lawrence, Craighead, and Greene counties.

For the 94th General Assembly, Rep. Cavenaugh serves on the House Revenue and Taxation Committee and the House City, County, and Local Affairs Committee. Rep. Cavenaugh also serves on the Joint Budget Committee.  

House Bill 1399
Senate Bill 197
House Bill 1207
Rep. Frances Cavenaugh Interview
Roundtable Discussion