Self Love Stories

What's Self Love Got To Do With It

September 28, 2022 Jessie Anne Zayas Season 1 Episode 1
Self Love Stories
What's Self Love Got To Do With It
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In this first episode of Self Love Stories, we explore the 3 major pillars of self love:

  •  self discovery
  • self care
  • growth

I'll share some personal anecdotes along with my intention on taking this self love journey with you all. So blessed & honored to have you all here! 

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Much love & gratitude, 

Jessie Anne Zayas 

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Jessie Anne Zayas 0:00
Oh hello, hello, welcome. I'm Jessie Anne Zayas, your host of self love stories. This is our first episode ever super excited to have you here on this journey. On this episode we're going to dive into what I consider the three pillars of self love. They are self discovery, self care, and growth. And I'll also share some personal anecdotes, and what my intention is to go on this self love journey with you all. So excited. Let's dive in All right, let's do this. Let's do this. All right, I am recording the intro to the self love podcast, I still haven't determined a name yet self love stories, self love, confession self love conversations. It's like a Humans of New York meets self love stories. I wanted to really I wanted to talk all things self love. Why? Because a lot of different reasons, actually. But you know, first and foremost, I wanted to talk self love. Because as I started my journey as an executive coach, life coach, business coach, holistic coach, all the things I realized through as we started distilling and all the conversations with my clients, it all came from like a deep self or lack of self love. What do I mean by that I was seeing lack of confidence, lack of boundaries, lack of self worth, lack of power, lack of balance, lack of joy, happiness. And when we kind of started scratching the surface on that and diving a little bit deeper. And for example, I would ask them, hey, when's the last time you just experienced joy? And they would look at me blinded, which by the way, did the same thing? When asked the same question? What are you doing for your well being every day? When's the last time you just did nothing? And again, I couldn't answer these questions. Or if I answered the questions, I was cringing inside answering the questions. But yeah, it was I kept on seeing this theme, especially with you know, these executive women, these high performing women were outside looking in look like they have so much confidence look like they you know, again, have it all figured out. And when you start kind of digging in deep, and as we all and as I've realized, what we were all kind of coming through was no we all experience a lack of self worth. All of us experience a sense of lack of confidence of balance of freedom, you've probably experienced being burnt out. You've probably experienced anxiety, you've probably experienced depression, you've probably experienced isolation, overthinking, overworking, all of these things to overcompensate for what and this isn't the truth because I also believe that there are multiple truths based on all of our upbringings and experiences. But one of the truth I identified in this journey was it all stemmed from self love, which then got me what is self love. And so the way that I love to define self love is actually three in three parts. Self Love is a deep knowing of yourself of self discovery, like truly knowing who you are. Why? Because how do you advocate for your needs, your desires, and your desires, your dreams, your life that you want to live if you don't even have a deep knowing of who you are? And for some people, that might sound like oh, well, I know who I am. Great, amazing. What I would invite you in, in that journey is is who you are based from a deep inner knowing, and a deep love of yourself versus the external shoulds hey, this person told me I'm a really great fill in the blank. So that is why I am doing the career and job that I'm doing. Or I know I'm a great fill in the blank. Because I get this validation from my friends, my family, the people close to me

Jessie Anne Zayas 5:01
And for the ones of you that are like, actually, I don't know who the hell I am. And I'm discovering that, you know, that is another reason I am doing this podcast because I was in that place, I thought I knew who I was. I thought I knew who I was. When I was in New York City as an SVP of marketing, working for a publicly traded company, at the age of oh my god, I want to say, 28 I'll correct me if I'm wrong, but like, yeah, 28? Um, why did I have this deep sense of knowing because I was putting all of my self worth self value, self belief into my career. That's what it was. Why? Well, as I kind of started discovering that it was because of my parents deep sense of their identity growing up. So a little bit of my background is actually, let me introduce myself, I think I just went ahead and dove into some, because I'm so excited about it, not realizing I really haven't taken a moment to introduce myself. I am Jessie and syas. I've also gone by Jessica sys. Rivera, Jessica Zion Williamson. It's my husband's last name. And why am I going by Jessie and Silas. That's also another really big step in my self love journey. I grew up as Jessie. And that's what my parents called me. And through my journey of my childhood, both of my parents are Puerto Rican. They met and fell, fell deeply in love in Puerto Rico at the University of Puerto Rico, both in ROTC. My mom continued to stay in the military and retired US Lieutenant Colonel, my dad ended up stepping out and joining the FBI, they both well, they had me in Germany when they were still in the military. So you can say I've always been around that military gaze, if you will. And they got divorced when I was two, both that remarried around that same time, and my stepdad was in a special forces state in the Special Forces and my stepmom was in Child Protective Services. So I share that because my childhood was, it was in constant flux, it was in constant change, be it that every summer I think I was doing unaccompanied minor at the age of like five years old, going to see my dad every summer, which came with its own whole thing. And then, you know, then between my mom and my stepdad, I'm moving every year to two years for their military career, and then also getting deployed on top of that. So going into Bosnia, going to Afghanistan, going to Kuwait going to Saudi Arabia, September 11 happened during that timeframe, they got deployed, both of them got deployed at the same time I was living

Jessie Anne Zayas 8:17
with friends with family. So I share that all because I grew up in an environment where things were always for lack of a better expression, chaotic. But there was such resiliency and grounding throughout there. And of course, a lot of you know, personal values that I still hold today. For example, you know, Home is where the heart is. And I believe, you know, that there are so many beautiful lessons that I learned through that experience, but at the same time, it's definitely impacted my self love. So for my own journey, and again, I didn't realize this until I really started doing the work of self love and really discovering myself was my sense of worth came from external validation. So even as a young kid, you know, being the best in my class, you know, I was always the new kid, right? So how do I fit in? How do I make alliances? How do people like me, you know, all of those things is was constantly in my space. So I grew strong attachment to external validation, in my childhood, and then as I got, you know, into high school, I graduate in three years college graduated in three years, and because I wanted to, you know, go take over the world, I wanted to get out there and just really and now what I'm realizing really find my identity. Like, that's what I wanted to do. You know, I was constantly through my childhood, even through my parents, then telling me who I am them telling me my greatness, then telling me what I'm really great at and what I should do, versus it really coming from me and my deep sense of inner knowing. So I never really grew that inner knowing even though by the way, it's all in us. We all have this deep into tuition, we all know what is inherently best for us. The reason why we don't know that, or some of us don't know that or don't experience that is because we've told either our gut, our heart, whatever we feel that deep inner knowing to shut up, you're not right. Let me go into my mind and let me really synthesize this, let me see what other people are telling me. And so I share this, because that's kind of my origin story. And I think we'll definitely do another episode that dives in a little bit deeper and of the complexities of that, because part of your self love Journey for some of us, right, it's also dealing with some childhood trauma. And when I share trauma, sometimes it's little T vs. Big T. But I think we all experience some kind of, you know, things in our upbringing in our childhood that really, you know, make us the people that we are today. And but we are solely responsible for that healing, which brings me to why I'm creating this podcast is, I've experienced my healing journey, I'm still on it. But through this journey, I really found some core beliefs and core practices that have really helped me get to the place where I am today, which is so full of self love, still growing it, still discovering it. But finally, having that peace, that presence, that deep inner knowing that strength, that power, all within me, and no longer seeking it elsewhere. And there's such freedom in that. And that's why I wanted to do this podcast, because it's my core belief that we should all feel that freedom, we should all be free, we should all be expressing our beautiful gifts, in the ways that we want to express them. And I really do believe that we can and should have it all, but it goes based on what is it that you really want. You know, we all define success differently. We all define our lives differently. We all define what values that we want to anchor ourselves on, we all define our life purpose and what that is, and for all of us that might look so different, and that's totally okay. That's the beauty of life. And that's what makes us the special human beings. And I think some sometimes not only culturally, but also from society, we kind of get put in these boxes, you know, this is what you should be this is, you know, what your upbringing, you know, brought you to you know, this is your quote, unquote, you know, skill set, you know, you're really good at math, you should be an accountant, for example, right, like, well, I want to be, you know, yeah, I want to work at national parks, because nature fuels me and excites me, right. So, we've all been, I feel like we've all been either guided or

Jessie Anne Zayas 12:59
sometimes even pushed into the areas of our life. And then one day, we wake up and go, How the hell did I get here? What's going on? How do I get back into the driver's seat of my life? And I think step one is self love. Why do I feel that way? Because I really feel that self love, really. Self love really anchors on three major things that I feel we all need to be experiencing are in our lives, and really do the work each day. And these three things that I personally believe in this is how I to find self love comes from self discovery. So a real deep inner knowing of who you are. Who are you? Not what do you do, not what your career is, but who are you? What is What are all those dimensions of who you are, you know? For me, I'm a lover. I have the biggest heart. I'm a daughter, I'm a system. I'm going to add, I'm a wife. I'm also a badass marketing executive. I'm also a badass coach. I'm also a pioneer in my industry. I'm also an advocate and activist for social justice. I am a vegan. I am a music lover. I am an artist. I'm a poet. I am a goddess. And I'm still adding to that list every day. I'm probably missing 20 3040 things off of that list. But what I'm trying to share and show is that we're all these multi dimensional beings We're like a diamond, we're a gem. There's so many different facets to who we are. So taking that moment to really rediscover yourself at every moment of the stage of your life and your your journey is so important. Because as you all know, right? Who you were at 16 is so different who you were at 29, who you were at, did a big skip there, but who you were at 16 is quite different who you are in 25, versus who you are at 35, 45, 55. If you want to look at it, from an astrology standpoint, who you who you were before your Saturn Return, versus after your Saturn Return after your first one after your second one after your third one. So there's just so many different life stages, and how are you really discovering yourself in every single moment at that life stage? Why is that so important? Because how do you even know what you're supposed to, quote unquote, do in this life be in this life care in this life move in this life, you know, create in this life? If you just don't even know who you are? What are your needs? What are your desires? What are your dreams? What do you care about? What values do you have? What is your life purpose? What is your Northstar? When it's all said and done, what do you want to be happy about what's going to make you feel success accomplished at that, at that, you know, final stage of your life. So that's one a deep inner knowing self discovery, is what I believe is the first kind of pillar of self love. Secondly, I believe that self love is all about growth. So once you know who you are, you're also looking at all of the bits of who you are in for this kind of conversation. I'm going to call them the you know, the light bits, you know, the the brilliance, the light within you. And then also the shadow bits of you. We all have them we're all messy. That's that's part of the human experience, right? Like we're all messy human beings, because we are human. But that's also what makes us so beautiful and so unique and so different. We're all experiencing our different shadow sides of us, right? So, for example, knowing what my light bits are, I have such a big heart. I have such a deep compassion for life. I have such a passion for life. Like I just, ah, like drinking warm coffee with a coffee cake in the morning. Like how amazing is that? You know, seeing the flowers blooming in the springtime? How beautiful is that? Seeing the first you know, changes of the leaves. Oh my god. Did you see that today? Like I am just a lover of life and everything that it offers.

Jessie Anne Zayas 17:47
I have the biggest heart I mentioned. I love humans. I love animals. I love society. I genuinely wish you know, everybody was happy and you know, living their truth and taking care of one another. You know, I'm creative. I love music. I love art. I love poetry. I you know so there's all these like light bits of me right? I'm a pioneer. I'm a trailblazer. I love to challenge the status quo. Love to I'm a little bit of a rebel with a cause if you will, right. And you know from a shadow bit rate I can be I'm a recovering perfectionist. Oh my goodness, yes. I can be stubborn. Again from astrology standpoint, Taurus Sun Taurus, Moon Aquarius, rising if that gives you any any context. Another thing from a shadow bit I can be really hard on myself, there's a strong internal judge of of me, a judge of myself that I should always be doing more a judge of others because I look at others and comparison to myself which another shadow bit comparing myself to others. Nobody wins in that situation, by the way. And then also, um I mentioned perfectionism, also a deep sense of looking externally for validation. You know, that's something I discovered with myself as well through my self love Journey, right discovering me. How did I get here? Right? There was a moment where I was like, Who the hell am I? I'll never forget, it was actually after my stint in New York City as an SVP of marketing for publicly traded company. I'm at the end of my my reign with them. I think by that time, it was like the fourth, fourth or fifth CEO that came in. I've been working with them for over two years, to come into all different stages of the of the brand cycle. And the last CEO that came in, brought in a CMO to replace my position and made my position quote unquote, called redundant so the conversation was, you've been amazing. You've been brilliant, which can't thank you enough for getting us to where you're at? Here's this really nice severance package. But unfortunately, we're making your SVP position redundant. And we're going on a different direction bringing in the CMO.

Jessie Anne Zayas 20:11
Okay? Right before, right before Christmas, mind you. And that was a tough pill for me to swallow.

Jessie Anne Zayas 20:19
Why? As somebody that's always been a top performer always on the top of the list in terms of, you know, school career promotion, so on and so forth. And somebody telling me, we don't want you not because of what you've done, which is we're going in completely different route. So then there was even this like, well, what can I be better at? What can I do better? I hit all my goals. I hit all my metrics. I, I did the thing. So what now? And that's when I realized there was a complete separation with who I am. Where I'm going, and where is that? That compass coming from? And it wasn't coming from me. And that's that was a quick realization. So being the also type a person, I also am, I took the reins back and said, Hell no, I never want to feel this way. Again. Be I need to I need to figure this out. What happened here? What were what were all the ingredients that just happened here? And then three, how do I move forward? What's next? You know what's after this so I went had an Eat Pray Love moment in Italy for about four weeks, we my husband kind of redid our honeymoon a little bit. That was our plan for that Christmas haul or that holiday break. And while I was there journaling in the Piazza I swear to God, I was I literally wrote down, who am I? I couldn't fucking answer that. I could only answer it about what I what my doing was what I've done, what have I accomplished, what my career had looked like, but I didn't know who the hell Jessie Anne was. I was Jessica, at the time I was straightening my hair every day. I don't know if you can tell. But I have, you know, curly, curly, beautiful hair. But as a Latina woman in the corporate, you know, corporate world dominated by white older men, let's just say that. I had lost my sense of self, I had lost my identity I was trying to conform and any kind of community or place that I was at, I didn't feel comfortable taking space, because a lot of times, I was the only the only woman in the room, the only Latina woman in the room, I identify as a woman of color. So a lot of times the only woman of color in the room. And through my experiences, I've always kind of always had a light shined on me because of that, because I was the only. But with that light, there was also very strong magnifying glass. So in a way I kind of navigated this world, by how do I become accepted? How can I acclimate into this environment, not stand out too much, but stand out enough to show people how special I am and how unique I am and what my gifts are. But I hope you can hear how external that was. There wasn't it wasn't coming from me, it was me looking outwardly to see how I should act see what I should like to see how I should dress what my name should be because Jessica is way more, quote unquote professional than Jesse am is, again, a belief that I was taking in based on the environments that I was that I was taking space in. And so what leads me to that growth pillar was I needed to know who I was, and what all those light bits of me and all those shadow bits of me, so that I could know what I needed to grow I needed and through that discovery, I needed to freaking grow boundaries. That was number one, I was already almost burnt out. By the time I was 2829. Why? Because I was going going going, of course and I didn't realize at the time again, as you know, a bright eyed bushy tailed 21 year old stepping out to corporate world that, you know, oh no, they're here to help me when I prove myself. They're going to support me they're going to you know, do the right thing. Right? That was my naivety going into the corporate life. And when I discovered you know, of course, you know, through the over a decade being there is nobody's gonna look out for you, but you

Jessie Anne Zayas 24:46
when you don't show people your boundaries, then they're not going to respect them. And then also when people get to custom to your lack of boundaries, then now they're always looking for a certain output from you. Right. So for my experience, it was I was the one that, like, my reputation was to get shit done. Like, give it to Jessie and she'll fucking get it to the finish line. It'll be perfect. It'll be innovative, it'll be impactful. Like, I was the any kind of special project that had so many layers, so many components, so many complexities working with multiple departments, you know, needed to run quick, give it to her, she'll, she'll get it done. But through that reputation, right, again, I was realizing I was never putting myself first never saying no, never creating boundaries, I would say, yeah, no problem. I can work on that tonight, or Yeah, no problem, I can be at that event this weekend, no problem, I can take on that additional project. Because that was giving me almost a sense of value, sense of value, a sense of appreciation, a sense of worthiness. And I share that because that comes back back to the growth bit right. Like I can get stuck in the self discovery mode and see all those beautiful light bits of myself, my superpowers, my zone of genius, my gifts. But I can also see those shadow bits of things that I need to heal from things that I need to address things that I need to build in healthy practices, that helped me diminish those shadow bits, because they're never gonna go away. Which we don't want them to that, again, that makes you the beautiful human that you are. But it's the awareness around them. And it's the understanding of them. And it's the compassion you give them, it's the grace you give them, but also not allowing them to run your life because you don't want to be run by your shadow bits of your life you want to be, you want to be pulled from those light bits, you want to be pulled from your Sage, you want to be pulled from your love, not pushed by your fear not pushed by your lack of self worth not pushed by external validation. So that's the growth rate. Once you know who you are, and what your needs and what your desires are, how are you growing healthy boundaries? For example, how are you growing your life? You know, you might discover oh my god, I'm at a dead end job that I frickin hate or a dead end career that I hate and I never loved it amazing grow. What's the next step for you there? How are you going to? How are you going to get to where you want to be. So you know, we, we realize life is just constant change. And our selves are constantly changing. So in a way, we're growing constantly, but you want to be in the driver's seat of your growth, you don't want to be in the passenger seat of your growth. And I think that's a really big component of self love. It's this, this also this constant growth, which leads me to my last pillar of how I define self love, self care. So for me self care, if you if you were to ask me 10 years ago, what self care was, it was, you know, getting your nails done, you know, buying a new outfit, spending time with friends, which don't get me wrong, these are all great things. Totally can be a component of self care. But the things I didn't realize what it was until again, I went through my journey with self care was, what's my well being practice? How often am I going to the doctor? am I meditating every day? How I started, you know, for my journey, right? I learned that, you know, something that was very therapeutic and grounding for me was yoga. So I started practicing yoga every single day. And now for me it's a non negotiable it's it's it's literally centers me sends me out and really reconnects me to my breath into my inner being. So no, yoga became self care. For me. Journaling is self care for me now, you know, it really allows me to get out of my mind. And really, again, tap into me and who I am. And you know what's coming up for me in the certain time of my life or phase of my life. Self Care is like, as I mentioned earlier, it's wearing the clothes you want to wear. Wearing your hair the way you want to wear your hair, right styling it the way that you want to style it, wearing, you know, being authentically you. And stepping into whoever that authentic you is. 

Jessie Anne Zayas 29:27
Self Care is healthy boundaries and upholding healthy boundaries. Self care can look like therapy, self love can look like coaching having a coach to support you through your next phase of growth. So self care can also be things and I love to remind people things that are that don't have a monetary tie to them. And what I mean by that is taking a nap during the day is self care. And you deserve it. Right taking time off self care. I mean, I raised my hand. You know, I was the most guiltiest person and corporate America supporting all of my hours until that last week where nobody's online and just maybe taking a two week here or there or sorry, a two week at the end of the year, and then maybe taking a few days during the year, but it was always quote, unquote, I wouldn't I'm too busy to take a break. I'm too busy to take a vacation. And then even when I took the vacation, I was on my, you know, I'm hiding in the bathroom hiding for my husband, because he would you know, he's, he's the one that's always kind of like, Hey, get off that phone. Right? But hiding in the frickin bathroom during vacation and checking email. That was me, right? So self care is making those boundaries, self cares, taking those moments of rest, self care is taking that vacation. Self Care is, you know, connection. If you get sourced by your friends, by your family, by your community by going to dance class by creating art by doing poetry, like what is it that fuels you and just makes you feel so full, happy, joyful, fulfilled, you know, what I'm present to is I want your self love cup to be overflowing. And that's what people are experiencing when they experience you. It's the overflow of your self love cup. Versus them putting the sippy straws. Pardon me, I'm also dealing with some with some New Orleans allergies here. But also, you know, not putting those sippy those straws in your your cup, your self love cup, right? Not depleting you, it's again, it's that whole thing, you know, put your mask on first before you put on other other people's masks, which also gives me you know, another thing I realized in my self discovering, growth, self care phase, a whole kind of encompassing the self love, is I'm a nurturer. I love to give, I love to help people. But one of the things that I discovered is, what's the line for me of when I'm giving and supporting because I want to, there's a deep need of me wanting to feel for example, like valued or worthy or accepted into that group, right? Or into that experience, versus giving from a place of just flow, right? It's just, I'm a natural giver, and it just comes but again, my self love cup is so fortune is overflowing, that I'm just giving you that beautiful overflow versus let me give you a piece of me. So I can feel something. And that was a relationship that I've changed on this journey. So I hope that gives you a little bit of a sense of, you know, a how I define self love, be what you're going to kind of experience on this journey together on this podcast, and see if this podcast is for you. And if it is I welcome you. And if it's not, that's totally okay. I hope to see you on an on a different journey on a different path. So what can you experience on this journey together on this podcast, you're going to experience a lot of personal stories. One thing that I've realized through through my experience, through my childhood, it's just the power of stories. So taking a quick step back when I was, you know, in New York City, starting that SVP position, I was finally at the top sitting at the table.

Jessie Anne Zayas 33:35
On a little sidenote, I call it my Wizard of Oz moment as well, you know, I'm thinking I'm gonna go meet finally the powerful, Great Wizard of Oz, and I pull back the curtain and like, what the fuck this is it. So that's a whole nother story that I know, we'll definitely discuss. But through that, what the fuck moment and feeling so completely lonely at the top, again, being the only woman of color there. And even though there was a woman CEO and a woman CEO, which was one of the reasons I joined the organization, because I thought, how badass is it that a woman CEO and a woman CEO are running this company, I was very lonely in my ideals in my stances, and how I was navigating corporate America. And so I was creating a community of like minded women that wanted to step into their power wanted to support each other and really wanted to change the world. And I discovered this networking group called cheap, and they're a private networking group of executive women, that you have to go through an interview process and actually be accepted. And I did that in New York City, and I found that group and one of the things that cheap does, which I love is they put you into core groups, which are basically group coaching cohorts. And my cohort was freaking phenomenal. Love them even more so and I shouldn't say more so because I love them all equally, but even my beauty For core group guide, Emily golden, which we're going to talk about her a lot, and hopefully I can get her on this podcast because she's she is, oh my goodness, she was a catalyst in my life in so many different ways. But Emily was our core guide, she was a co she is a coach. And she guided us through the whole year of our chief membership. So it's an annual thing, and you can renew. And she guided us through that year in New York City together, meeting every week, for an hour a week. And hearing the stories from all of these powerful badass women that guess what, we're all dealing with the same shit. And I can't tell you how that first frickin day. Anxiety went away, I felt like a weight lifted off my chest because I was like, I am not alone. We are all experiencing this. This isn't. This isn't a you know, this isn't, you know, you know, the independent experience I'm having having. So many other women are having the same experience. So many other women are dealing with the same challenges that I'm dealing with and in the workspace, right. And so for not to kind of go down that rabbit hole of all the things that we ended up talking about and discovering within each other. But that's what you can experience on this podcast is empowered women, sharing their journey, sharing their stories, sharing their experiences, where they came from, how they got to where they are at today, what the future looks like for them. And just realness. You know, as much as I love hearing, Oprah, and these brilliant women talk about their self love journeys, and what they've discovered. One thing I saw that was kind of missing in the sphere, if you will, and even like, for example, Chief has all of these brilliant women come in we had Esther Parral, and the other week, and Michelle Obama, like we've had so many impactful women come through the clubhouse and share their experiences, again, powerful, profound, so great. But what the stories that I was seeing that were missing were stories of you and I. And what I mean by that is just real women, doing such powerful things in the space, and just authentically sharing where their journeys have led them to what they discovered along the way, and how they defined self love how they created in their life. What are all the beautiful ingredients in that self love potion for them in this life, and just having beautiful conversation. So all that to share. My intention for this podcast is that you feel this warm hug and embrace to know that you are not alone. I want you to also experience your own self discovery journey. So we'll talk about all the different ways that you can discover yourself from, you know, therapy, coaching to even things like human design, astrology, journaling, interviews with your friends and family, your colleagues, 

Jessie Anne Zayas 38:21
I mean, we're going to we're going to talk the the whole shebang of what self discovery can look like. And again, my hope and my goal is to you know, we're having these beautiful conversations to learn more about self discovery and how we can discover ourselves. Also, I want you to grow on this journey, because I hope that every single podcast episode allows you to take away something that really resonates and something that you can either look at journal about, discover about take action, because I really want to be present too. We can sometimes get stuck in this awareness phase and almost like analysis by paralysis, right? Like, oh, let me discover all these bits of meat. But let's not get stuck there. Let's keep on moving. Let's keep on growing. Let's keep on going down the path. Let's be in that driver's seat of your life. So I hope that you experience growth in movement and action. And lastly, I want you to experience being seen that you're not alone, that we're all on this journey together. And spoiler alert, it is a lifelong journey. Just like self discovery is just like growth is just like self care as self love is a lifelong journey. It's not going anywhere. Life throws us different challenges throughout the way things change. pandemics happen. Right like there's there's just life happens. And so what I hope that you experienced from this is being seen and letting you know you're not alone. And I'm really hope hoping that this podcast can inspire your growth, really allow you to take action and really, just at the core of it, you know, be in community with others. And I encourage you to reach out, please follow me on Instagram, Jesse and syas. My current website is happy warrior You can also find me on LinkedIn. But yeah, please reach out, I want to know what you all want to discover. I would love to know what you're curious about. And I've already recorded a few interviews, and oh, my goodness, what I'm even shocked about is just how intimate and vulnerable These interviews are. And just like my heart is overflowing, because there's so much love to share, there's so much experience to share. There's so much. There's so much wisdom, you know, in all of our lives that I think sometimes we don't share, because we don't think Oh, nobody wants to hear about bad or, or it's tough to talk about. So I really hope that you hear some of the beautiful wisdom that I've have. I've already experienced from some of these interviews. And then of course, I would love to learn from you what you're curious about. So I can make sure that I'm incorporating some beautiful new interviews for you some new topics. But there's already so much to talk about with self discovery, growth and self care. But first and foremost, I want to make sure that it's really resonating with you all as well. So please, it's a two way street. Here is what I'm what I'm trying to convey. I'm taking a brief moment to see if there's anything else I want to add about this podcast, but no, I think that's it. It's a love letter from my heart. And it's my purpose that I want everyone to live a beautiful life, a beautiful deep and rich life, whatever that means to them. And I really want everybody to know how powerful they are. Because you are so so powerful. So yeah. Welcome. I'm so happy to have you here. I'm excited. And I'm sending so much love Your Way