Self Love Stories

The Intro

September 25, 2022 Jessie Anne Zayas Season 1
Self Love Stories
The Intro
Show Notes

Hello and welcome to the Self Love Stories podcast. 

I am your host, Jessie Anne Zayas, a self love advocate, a disrupter, a CEO, a marketing executive, a vegan, a social justice advocate. Happy warrior and executive coach, a Latino woman with big divine feminine energy. I'm a Taurus Sun Taurus Moon Aquarius, rising, a four six emotional projector, a wife, a cat, mom, and Auntie/Tìa for my community, family and friends, a sister, a daughter, it is so nice to meet you.

I created this podcast because I didn't see a space dedicated to raw, honest self love journeys that were being shared through real stories.

And after coaching hundreds of hours with highly successful women, and navigating my own self discovery and growth journey, one big truth kept showing up.

There was a lack of self love, and it was stopping our growth, our joy, our balance, our freedom.

From us truly being the highest expressions of ourselves, for finally stepping outside of our comfort zones.

If we could all grow our self love, we would all be living the joyful, free, abundant lives we deserve to live.

I also knew the power of real honest stories. They can make you feel seen. Transform your reality and inspire change.

To finally choose from love versus fear and live in a world or reality of limitless possibilities.

My intention through these vulnerable, honest stories is that we can uplift each other to be the highest expressions of ourselves. 

Let's change the world. The radical self love.

Welcome to Self Love Stories.

Much love & gratitude, 

Jessie Anne Zayas

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