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My Money Story ft. Abundance & Scarcity Mindset

November 23, 2022 Jessie Anne Zayas Season 1 Episode 3
Self Love Stories
My Money Story ft. Abundance & Scarcity Mindset
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This week's word that showed up for me was "Abundance". 

I felt called to share my money story through my self love framework of self discovery, self care and growth. I share where my money story came from and how I've been able to shift it to a more abundant place that brings so much more joy, flow & ease. 

Hoping it inspires you to discover your money story and to re-write its future of abundance. 

Much love & many blessing, 

Jessie Anne Zayas 

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Jessie Anne Zayas 0:00
Good. Morning, Good afternoon, good evening, depending on when you're listening to this, I am actually recording this in the morning, I was so inspired waking up this morning. So I'm gonna play a little game with myself. I'm making things a little bit more fun and light as I am creating my soul lined business and also really thinking about ways that I'm in service for my community for the world. And yeah, so to that point, I would love to start sharing more stories. Hopefully, they're short stories, but we'll see this is my first one, I was inspired to do more short stories around self love and my growth journey that will hopefully inspire and invite you to look at your stories and how you're creating your new stories in your life. And speaking of fun, I started thinking, you know, what, if I just start going down the alphabet, and you know, the letter that I ended up stumbling upon is the story that I'm going to share. And as I was thinking through that, a I like the first word that came to my mind was abundance. There's been so many conversations around abundance lately in my life. And when kind of looking at the opposite of abundance, scarcity, and what does that mean, in my life as well? And how have I come? How do I come from a scarcity standpoint, versus an abundance standpoint? And I really started looking into this, from like, kind of like my self love framework, I'm starting to call it. And what I mean by that is, how can I look at my stories in my life, through self love, through the self love framework of one, self discovery? Where did the story come from? What has me continuing to repeat the story of my life? What are the different patterns? What could this look like if I came from a different space, different place? So really being curious about the story, not judgmental, curious, looking at it from a place of discernment. And then after that, you know, really applying some self care there, right? Because I know sometimes when we pick up these stories, when we start really looking at them, there could be those moments of judgment, of feeling guilt, of you know, being upset, you know about the story. And so really giving yourself some grace. First and foremost, give yourself lots of unconditional love, because that's what self love is unconditional love for yourself. Insert really, again, going back to the self discovery, even for a second, you know, what can you be giving yourself around this time in terms of self care, be at rest, be it healthy financial habits, which I know that's a little bit sounds like a random one. But there's, there's a theme, there's a theme in this one, but rest financial health boundaries. Also, you know, the food you consume, the food you put into your body, how you're taking care of your well being your mental well being your physical Well, being your spiritual well being all through, all through these stories that you're starting to discover with yourself. And then last, but not least, you know, grow, you know, where do you want to be? How do you want the story to look like in the future? How do you want it to play out in the future. And that, again, that's going to take that beautiful self discovery, that beautiful self care to really make that strong foundation of growth for yourself that's in alignment with yourself, you know, again, that way you don't fall into the traps of coming from a scarcity standpoint, or a lack standpoint, or repeating those patterns or behaviors or stories that you've identified. So I share that all because that's what I'll be doing in this next kind of like, I guess I'll call it a segment, if you will, of going down the alphabet. Picking a letter really sitting with it, allowing my intuition to come forth and show me the word that I'm here to talk about and to share a personal story, a personal anecdote about how this has showed up in my life, to hopefully inspire and invite you to look into your life through that lens and with that word, and using the self love framework. So looking at it from self discovery, looking at it from a self care standpoint, and really starting to grow yourself to really live that life that's fully in alignment, your highest alignment of your life, being the author, the narrator of yours. Dory. So with, with no further ado, let's dive into the word abundance. So I have had this word abundance, show up a lot in my life lately I was a little kind of to give you a level set of like where I am today. And my story is I chose to take a year long sabbatical from corporate America to build my soul aligned business, and to work with organizations and companies that are aligned to my soul that set my soul on fire. So for example, I sit on the board of Ganesh bass, which is a 501 C three nonprofit grassroots community that sits at the intersection of social justice and mindfulness. I also am a co founder for a women's Impact Fund that's using Blockchain to support women and funding their businesses. Because as we know, women are sadly not given the same lens, nor the opportunities when they're fundraising for their businesses and projects. So all that to say I wanted to take this year to find more of those organizations to also support these current organizations that I, I'm currently involved in and build this beautiful business. That's not from a scarcity standpoint, which I feel like shows up a lot in, for instance, corporate America for my experience, and also build it that's energetically aligned for me. And that actually started with me coming to terms with abundance, there's an abundance of time, there's a abundance of wealth, there's an abundance of money, there's abundance of opportunity, there's abundance of community ideas and thoughts. But a lot of times be considered the, somebody's already done it. There's not enough out there for me, I don't have enough to start this business to start this new venture. I don't have enough experience, I don't have enough time. And coming from that place, as you can even feel is so limiting. And also in a way negative. Where if we just transformed our mindset to, there is enough time. And especially for the things that I love doing, there is enough money, it will flow to me, I will find it, it will find me there is enough community, I can go seek it or it will find me. Right, so really transferring our mindset into this abundance mindset. And so, as you can see, there's so many things that we can kind of talk to and kind of zero in from an abundance standpoint, right time, money, thoughts, ideas, opportunities, Love Community relationship, prefer today, I've really wanted to zero in on the abundance mindset around money. And I was really inspired by this through kind of my life today, which again, I'm on this year long sabbatical, fully funded through my my, my savings practice through over a decade, which we'll kind of get into and another reason why I felt inspired to share this story and reading this amazing book that I would highly recommend, which is called the soul of money. By Lynn twist. I'm double checking. Yes, yes, yes by Lynn twist. So I'll link it in the podcast section. So you can go give it a gander. But what highly recommended and really transformed my relationship to money and especially coming from a scarcity versus an abundance standpoint. So diving into this, my stories around abundance around money specifically came mostly from a scarcity standpoint, there were moments of where if I now look back with discernment, the universe showed me showed my parents especially my mom, because this story will be centered a lot around my mom because she was not only such a big role model for me, but really instilled in me that independent woman mentality that I take today. She was an is such a beautiful, independent woman. Such a graceful woman, such a giving woman and so smart, so hard working. But there are some stories and beliefs that came through her upbringing and through my upbringing, that really shaped my relationship with money and coming from it or coming to it and having a real lationship with it from an abundance versus scarcity. So

Jessie Anne Zayas 10:02
for me, I have a strong, save for a rainy day story. I don't know if that resonates with you. And it's centered around because that day will definitely come. Like rainy days will come, you need to be saving for sad, rainy day. And that story definitely came from my mom. But when I started, you know, diving deeper and deeper through this story and where it came from, you know, I had to really even look at my mom's upbringing, you know, and my mom grew up poor. She was the youngest of nine. She saw my grandmother and my grandparents make a lot of sacrifices when it came to money in their financial health one being which I can cannot imagine how difficult not only was this for my grandparents, but also my aunts and uncles, my theism Theo's was the seventh eldest. When my, when my eldest and became I want to say at the age, and I hope I don't misspeak on this, but from what I understand from the age around, like 1414, maybe 15, but I remember it was more the younger teens had her raise all seven kids in New Jersey, so they were living in Puerto Rico or living like originally living in Puerto Rico came over to New Jersey, you know, and left, basically left the seven kids there in New Jersey, to be raised by my aunt, and took my mom and my youngest uncle, to Puerto Rico to raise them. And of course, there's so much more to the story. Um, you know, I hope you hear too that again, this, I can't imagine how hard and how so many decisions came into this factor of why this was done. And I'm sure there's a lot of people listening to this that might potentially have similar stories, you know, of sacrifices that were made that were very heartbreaking for having a quote unquote, better future, giving the kids a better future, giving themselves a better future. So I share this because I know that story that sacrifice, what that upbringing essentially did to my mom, was when she went back to Puerto Rico, they owned a restaurant, and a business that was literally on the first floor of their home. And my mom was always working, always working at the business always doing something she never, you know, we actually had a conversation about this. A few weeks ago, I was like, Mom, were you able ever able just to just be a kid? She's kind of like thought about it. She's like, No, you know, there was always responsibility, there was always things that needed to be taken care of, there was always a bigger picture a bigger, again, sacrifice that you had to had to make for the greater good for the family. And so that for her was, you know, not playing with other kids are going to go have fun, it was working at the family business, doing chores, constantly going to school, getting good grades, so that she can have a good job and have a good future. Right. So it was very productivity mode that my mom grew up in. Also, through that she so you know, in terms of her career there I'm kind of struggling saying this because I you know, I need to have a deeper conversation with my mother but from from what I've discerned from this, she chose the military route because it was a safe choice. It was a safe and quote unquote, practical choice and where she saw herself have a more stable future for herself, and for her future family. So she was an ROTC Young. That's actually how she met my father in the University of Puerto Rico joining ROTC and she stayed in the military her whole life matter of fact, she again as I say this, she keeps on pushing retirement because again from from a money's scarcity, but also abundance. She sees the opportunity at it, but we also laugh and joke around like when is she ever going to freakin retire and actually take a damn break? But anyways, I digress. But she chose the military route because it was stable. And it was something that she saw how she could build her wealth and build her her stability. So all that to say she her and my dad got divorced, super young. I think I was about two years old. And again, my mom came from a save for the rainy day. So she was like a penny pincher through and through. And I think and I know my dad has a different mentality with money, which was you know, you can't take it with you So those two are different relationships with money as well left my mom in a pretty bad spot when they got divorced. And I remember her saying that she was like, literally like digging for quarters and the couch to, you know, find, you know, baby formula for me, you know. And I know that that experience in that time in her life also reiterated the story of saving, saving for that rainy day taking care of yourself, your needs, not spending money in a in a, quote unquote bad or frivolous way. Because bad things can happen. And where I kind of if you heard me kind of assert to in the beginning to about abundance. And again, this is this kind of came, you know, as I was really looking at the story as well. And especially reading this book, The soul of money is money has a way to flow in and out of your life. And even during that hardest time for my mother, where she's over here, you know, going into couches, going into the car to see what what quarters and coins can she scramble up so that we have dinner on the table that night. What I was also really present to some of the stories that she would tell me during my upbringing, my mom is very spiritual person. And at the time, you know, for her and her spiritual journey, she actually found her Baptist community and through that Baptist community and going to church, there were so many beautiful communities within that, that brought her food, supported her through taking care of me daycare, you know, my mom again, now was a single parent, and she's having to go do PT at frickin 5am In the morning, Where does she go and drop me off, right? So there were people that stepped up in the community that took care of me that even when she picked me up at the end of the day, matter of fact, there was this amazing woman that she even said was like a guardian angel that came into her life, that would take care of me. And literally, she would come in through the door and like her and her husband would still be like sleeping in the bed. And it's like 430 in the morning, and she would just slip me into bed and like, oh, go go go we got we got Jessie, you know, and cuddling me and was like, almost like a second mom in a way and would make me breakfast in the morning. And then by the time my mom would come home at like, seven or eight to pick me up from this woman's house. You know, she was also giving her dinner for the night. So I share that because that's the abundance I'm talking about too, right? Like, yes, there can be quote unquote hard times, yes, there can be moments where you feel that that money is literally slipping through your hands. But at the same time, there are resources, there's money, there's abundance coming to you in so many ways. And that was a way that was showing up for my mom, that even though this was a quote unquote hard time, money was finding a way to come to her there was always enough. And there were moments of where community and other streams if you will, of abundance of money that was flowing to my mother. So again, for how hard it was, my mom saw the beauty and community my mom saw the beauty and other people my mom learned one of her biggest life lessons of receiving because she was always there giving giving giving for others and it was her time to receive so I share that all because that again that was something that I was able to look at with discernment when it came from my abundance standpoint. But also to be honest with you that still instilled that scarcity mindset to for my mom and more of a fear if I want to be more specific with it that see this bad thing happened we were left with quote unquote no money How do I quote unquote, you know, kind of swing the pendulum back where I'm not feeling like you know, I'm going to have to go scrounge for quarters again or feeling that you know that that fear of paying you know, the next bill the next thing you know, I don't know my mom talked about you know, putting things on layaway, for example because she didn't have the money or the means to buy the thing but she was always instilling as me as a kid is like if you don't have the money, don't buy it. Like you know, she was so hyper did diligent when it came to debt and not racking up credit card debt, for example. So I actually grew up with a fear to have debt and not being in debt and not and if I didn't have enough money to have a thing to not, you know, invest in it or not to get it to not spend my money frivolously. And so all of these kinds of stories, but again, they quote unquote make sense to me because it comes from, you know, a comes through my mom's upbringing comes through our upbringing together of of the scarcity of it, and this fear that it will be gone one day, so what did she do? She saved my mom save, save, save, saved and that meant sacrificing you know,

Jessie Anne Zayas 19:58
I like struggle even using the word loves But just like strike, you know, even sacrificing just like vacations in a white way. And, and also in a beautiful way we were I still remember childhood vacations like going to for instance. So like Niagara Falls, but my mom even tells me like, that was a very intentional time of her literally putting a little, little little way to finally save up for that trip. And even before they took that trip, her my stepdad were again in some financial hardships. And there was a moment that my stepdad was like, we shouldn't go on this vacation, we should just take the money that we saved for this vacation, and put it into X, Y, and Z at the time. And my mom's like, No, this is important, like our family needs this. So again, right, like, knowing that it's going to come in, there are times of joy that we need to celebrate. And we need to give ourselves to even take the damn vacation, right to even go have that fun together as a family because that honestly is more important than having to quote unquote, pay off a bill at the time or, or, you know, worry again about another financial hardship. So, again, I saw those moments too. And when she shared those and reflected to me as like, how beautiful that she made those decisions and made those took those stands for herself to still bring in moments of joy and love. And, you know, excitement into her life, even when there was financial hardships and knowing that we'll get through this. And I think that comes from an abundance standpoint, right, or a mindset of abundance to go, it will come to me, we will be fine. And so I saw her balance this positive attitude when it came to money, and that she could build Well, she could be abundant, she already is abundant. And that again comes from this book, solar money, like what you appreciate appreciates, right? If you focus on the things that you are getting that is coming to you that you do have you grow more of that. But if you focus on the things that you don't have, that you're lacking, do you see that sometimes it you, you almost end up in that puddle in that rut, that it also almost attracts more hardship for yourself. And so I saw my mom focus on the good. And then I start looking at her life from like a macro view. And I am so proud to say that my mom is financially wealthy. I mean, at this point, she's considered you know, a millionaire, if you will. And by no means that she does she Yeah, she's over here living this like quote unquote, lavish life. But again, she's saving for my little sister, she's, you know, thinking about her retirement, she's, you know, she's still a big giver, and she thinks about her family and, but all that to say, you know, that didn't come without the positive mindset that she had the resiliency, the diligent how diligent she was, how prosperity is in her mindset, she was, and she worked really hard on that mentality. I know, she read so many books around it, she herself, learned different money practices for herself, she got real with her money, right? She really, you know, learned what worked for herself and for her family. She made sacrifices that she you know, that I know, some that she was comfortable with. And some maybe she kind of looks back and goes, you know, maybe I should have, you know, taking the other vacation or taking the time off or, you know, could have spent the thing but she was very much a thrift shop shop buyer, right? We you know, definitely was wearing a lot of secondhand clothes and my upbringing wasn't getting you know, when everybody was going to school with like, Hollister, I was not to, you know, like, that was, quote, unquote, out of budget at the time. So there was also those things that were being engraved in me as well as like, mom would always say, we don't have the money, we don't have the money, there is no money. And but that was almost a trick for herself to like, say for the money. And again, looking at a macro view, it has quote unquote, served her in some really good ways. And it also, you know, from my point of view in my upbringing, that became like a mantra in my head, we don't have money, we don't have enough money. We can't spend money on this. Things that you like things that that might be quote unquote, frivolous, we don't have the money for that, right? Or there's a cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper, cheaper option. And so, as I now kind of look, you know, look at this with discernment, I can see those narratives even in my own relationship with money have I did the same mental mind trick with myself. So when I started my career in corporate America, and remember my parents took the military route and nobody had any any advice to Give me when I started going down this corporate path of my relationship with money, I instilled the same practices, I don't have money, save, save, save, save, save, save for that rainy day, once I got to that six month emergency fund, which by the way I did on a $40,000 frickin salary in my initial start at corporate America, that I was already thinking about the one year emergency fund. And so here I am, you know, after a few years, few promotions, and I'm making 200 plus $1,000 a year. And then 50% Bonus, I'm still thinking about that emergency fund. I'm still growing it because now my cost of living has gone up. You know, so now I'm like, Okay, now I need to have this much money. And then okay, let me max out my Roth IRA, and oh, my God, let me put more on my 401k for because the future ended it and who knows. And all of a sudden, I started realizing like, at 40k to 200k, I still have the same fear and scarcity mindset around money. Even though I have no debt. I'm financially healthy. What has me still so fearful of spending money on things that I loved things that I desire spoiling myself, and I even I'm using air quotes here, right, spoiling myself for, you know, a beautiful piece of clothing or, you know, even if I wanted the designer thing, you know, there is no, I put a lot of guilt around that, you know, one team quote unquote, nice things for myself, there was a lot of guilt around that. And I share that because I would assert that there's a lot of other people that feel the same way out there. Right? Like, when you look at your journey and your career, did you ever feel like you had enough? Did you ever feel that you could spend something on something that you just genuinely desired and loved. And I know, we all have different relationships with money, right? I know that, you know, I, you know, speaking up in this coach training program that I did, as well, there was this beautiful, you know, honest conversation that we had around this, and there were some people that were very similar to me, save, save, save, don't have money, gotta save for a rainy day. That even means self sacrificing your joy and your pleasures in life. Never rewarding ourselves, oh, my goodness, never rewarding ourselves. So I always felt like we were just on a constant loop of productivity. And then other people in this coach training program that always reward themselves, we're spending the money, you know, but almost, you know, to the point where it would have those consequences of debt of, you know, piling up debt of, you know, bringing in fear, because they spent, they spent the money that they didn't have on frivolous things, you know, so it can go either way, what I'm inviting you to do is, Get real, get real with your money, but get real with it from a place from your soul, from an abundance standpoint, and really understanding what's coming in? What's going out? And how can you shift your mindset with it and sit with how you feel about it today

Jessie Anne Zayas 28:16
to write with no guilt? No judgment? How do you feel about does it make you anxious when

Jessie Anne Zayas 28:22
you go to your bank account? Does, you know does fear start, you know, coming, does excitement start showing up? Like really what shows up from an emotional standpoint? And then also just getting real? What's coming in? What's going out? What are the changes that I can make making little small action steps every single day can get you to that to that abundant place that you want to be if you're not already there, right, in which we are and I think that's what I also want to invite you today is like, you already abundant you already have it all. All I'm saying here is that as human beings, we're all constantly on a growth trajectory, right? Like we we want more like that is like the human experience of like expansion, right? But it's not an expansion from a greed more more, more more, right? And then hoarding, hoarding, hoarding, which I also had to come to terms with right money likes to flow in and money likes to flow out. And by me being in this hyper saving hyper, you know, growth mode, I was sacrificing my joy I was bringing a lot of moments of guilt, you know, matter of fact, when I moved to New York City, right and you know, we're going to some of the best restaurants and again, you know, would find those moments to quote unquote, spoil ourselves and you know, go out to eat and not worry about the bill. But there was those moments right where I got the bill like, man 300 $400 on, you know, putting in the savings putting in an investment or didn't I like there was always something else I could have spent it more quote unquote. Like, spend it smarter, if you will, right, like, and that's something again, that I had to really like, sit with and To and really, again, get real with myself on it, I never really bought myself nice clothes again, my husband was probably the first person that for one of my birthdays, went to one of one of the most like high end places and bought me a few outfits and love them, and then found out how much they were. And I like felt this, like, panic, not because I couldn't afford it, but again, because I was like, oh my god, I can't believe I spend that much money. Like he's spent that much money on me on clothes, right? And I share that because it's like, how do you it's almost like a lose lose situation. Like, and what I mean by that, it's like, we have the money, we have the money, we spent the money, we can spend the money. And then there's guilt to that. So it's like, I should be looking at as a win win, like beautiful that we have the money and that we can spend it on these beautiful things. And I get to enjoy them and be happy about it. And you know, relish in this beautiful, you know, cashmere sweater that I now have that I'm gonna be able to keep for decades, right. But instead I was looking at it from a lose lose situation. And that again, energetically is scarcity that's not coming from abundance place that's like that's, I hope you can hear it's almost like like a grass on this money. This tight grass that can't build can expand can't flow to different areas. And ultimately, you know, wearing the beautiful cashmere sweater just makes me frickin happy. And then I'm a happy person. And I feel great. And I'm like, present to that Deion Sanders quote, right? Like, if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, you get paid good, right? Like, that's also, you know, energetically true for me as well. So, you know, not feeling guilty that I have the money and not feeling guilty that I spend the money. And that, again, comes from an abundance standpoint, not a scarcity standpoint. But I was coming from a scarcity standpoint, like, you know, one day this money will not be here, and I'm going to be so pissed off that I that we spent this money for the clothes, or we spent that money for that dinner, or we spent that money for the vacation. And that's another thing that ended up happening in my life from the stories from my upbringing, and from these beliefs from my upbringing, about vacations as well, because those were the only quote unquote times that we kind of spent our money if you will, that we kind of had like this fun, if you will, with the money, right, the money was able to really flow during these times. So very similar pattern showed up in my life was that money really flowed during vacation, but not any other time. And then, so what ended up happening, what ended up happening was, I was living for the next vacation, because I couldn't wait to not only blow steam but also like, not worry about money. And, and by the way, I hope you can hear like that is sad. Like I that was a big realization for my life that I didn't want to live that way anymore living for the next vacation like oh my god, right. So I was living for the next vacation. Then when I got to that vacation and so funny, like my husband even like, ah, vacation, vacation, Jazzy, anzia, right, like, whoo, yay, we get to play with her. She doesn't worry about money, she's having fun. She's ordering the drinks, she's wearing the food, we're going on the excursions like, and I even felt like this, like whole breath of life to me, right? And it's like, Man, I could be that way all the time. And again, from a place that a energetically is going to feel good for me and be that's still going to come from a financial health perspective, right? Like not completely blowing my whole bank account in like, one week. But that's also not gonna frickin happen. I know that right? Like, I know myself. So again, knowing again, I'm getting real with my money and my money patterns and habits. Like, I know, I'm not that person. So how can I actually be more fun with my money? Because I am such a hyper saver. How can I come from more of an abundant standpoint, because I know Abundance flows to me. I know I am an abundant person. So how can I have some more fun and joy with my money practices? And so I started bringing that into the day to day I started rewarding myself for project. So like, how did I do that? Right? Like, I started rewarding myself for life and for projects. So if there was a certain milestone that I made, and they didn't even have to be crazy, big milestones, y'all, right? Like, I got through my to do list for the week. You know, I finished that work project I had been working on for a few weeks. You know, I meditated every day for 30 days. I did yoga every day for 30 days, like there was I started rewarding myself with things that before I thought were so frivolous, you know, so I went in, you know, said I'm gonna spend $200 at the vintage shop, right or, you know what Yes, let's go to the dinner and not worry about anything and get the two bottles of wine. Right. And this is, by the way, this was before before I went sober, so if, if you don't know now, you know, I'm vegan and I'm also sober. I think that's a whole nother fun little story to share with you all one day. But yeah, I started rewarding myself and not feeling you know that these quote unquote small things in my life aren't worth celebrating and uplifting. And I also want to share too, it doesn't always have to be a monetary thing, right? Another thing from this lack mentality and lack of money mentality was my hyper productivity. And I also, you know, that's another story that came up through my upbringing was, we were always doing something as a family is like something it couldn't, like, there was nothing ever you could do that was just for pure pleasure and benefit, right, like so, you know, we didn't watch a lot of TV as, as our family we didn't like, just, you know, I wasn't like painting on the weekends. For example, like, I think the only thing I saw my mom, quote, unquote, do for pleasure was probably like, work on the garden. And that was it. But everything, like had to have some kind of like productivity. So like, we were rolling coins on the weekend to take them to like the bank to cash them out. Because we like keep this like big vase in our house that we would just like put extra coins and Raisa like rolling coins, I remember always doing chores, running like errands to you know, be more productive during the week, my mom was like studying for her Master's at night, you know, again, you know, full military jobs. So, like there was just constant, better met and productivity for again, more stability. And stability equaled money in my household, like having more money equals more stability, right. And more freedom in a way to win. I think I think as I say that, I think that's what it became for me is that money equaled stability, and money equaled freedom for me. And the more that I had it, the more free and the more stable I was. But that's just it, too, right?

Jessie Anne Zayas 37:07
I at any point in my life can choose freedom. I at any point in my life can choose stability.

Jessie Anne Zayas 37:14
And there's so many different ways that I can be free in so many different ways I could be stable. And I think there was a very narrow view that I was looking at that freedom and stability, right? And I just again, that's where I want to invite you is your view or your perception of something very narrow. Are there other ways that you can look at the situation? Look at this outcome, look at the story. And really, what again, with discernment and not judgment is there another way you could be looking at this Are there other possibilities of how this can transpire and show in your life. So this kind of leads me because again, I'm also thinking here in the background, not coming from a time scarcity standpoint. But I also went to lovingly drop a little bit more shorter stories in the podcast, is let me fast forward to today. And this kind of leads to my growth and self care practice is I got real with my money. And I got real with it from a loving frickin place. No judgment, no guilt, appreciation, you know, I am a financially successful woman, I have no debt, I have been able to save and have investments throughout my life. I am on a year long sabbatical and not having to worry about money and what's coming quote unquote, and right now, even though I'm gonna put a little asterisk on that money has been coming to me. And I really attribute that to my new relationship with abundance, my new relationship with money and abundance and time and abundance, which I feel like that's a whole nother podcast that we need to talk about time, time abundance. And coming from that place, has also gotten me more present about how I'm enjoying life more. The universe wants you to enjoy life. It wants you to relish in it, you can't make life longer, but you can make it deeper. And that's like taking the time in the morning for yourself, you know, not skimping out on the type of coffee you want because it's a few dollars extra rate. It's getting it's getting the good oat milk, you know, it's it's in in times that you don't want to make it you know, going into that beautiful cafe and sitting there and enjoying a good book and and having that latte there. Right. So it's really finding those moments of joy and really relishing in what you already have appreciating what you appreciate, and really infusing a lot of self care like giving your body giving your life what you want and what you desire. Not just what you need? And don't get me wrong. And I do want to put an asterisk here there are there there needs that need to be met. From a human needs perspective, and I am fully aware of that, in the conversation that I'm having with you today. This is this is after you have met those needs, right? Safe Shelter, we're had food, water safety, right? I'm talking about how are you now enjoying life? How are you bringing those moments of abundance? How are you thinking from an abundance standpoint and really looking at your community, looking at your relationships, looking at your own accomplishments and your own growth and how you're appreciating that giving that so much luscious gratitude. So what I would love to invite you today is to start if you're if you aren't already, right, at least one thing that you're grateful for each day, in terms of abundance and in terms of money. Look at your past successes. Look at where you're at today. What are you grateful for, and really sit with yourself every day in journal what you are grateful for, from a money and abundance standpoint. Also, I want to leave you with this quote, because it really resonates with me again, it was in the soul of money, but it's bought by Paul Zaatar or as a teacher. There is a natural law of abundance which pervades the entire universe, but it will not flow through a doorway of belief and lack and limitation. Well, that wraps up our podcast for today. I have a strange suspicion. We'll talk more about abundance, especially in terms of self love. But for now. Thank you sending so much love, so much abundance to your beautiful life. Talk soon