The Other Autism

Bereavement and Losing the Ability to Mask with Cat

May 08, 2023 Kristen Hovet Season 2 Episode 13
The Other Autism
Bereavement and Losing the Ability to Mask with Cat
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Show Notes

Cat is an Australia-based, late-identified autistic individual who suddenly lost the ability to mask following the death of her baby.

Kristen and Cat discuss being autistic while undergoing fertility treatments, trauma in midlife, out-of-order loss and bereavement, polyvagal theory, the ways life crises often precede late identification of autism, and more.

Correction: Cat said "microwave" when she meant to say "oven", in reference to her grandmother.

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"The Polyvagal Theory: New Insights Into Adaptive Reactions of the Autonomic Nervous System" by Stephen W. Porges

Episode intro and outro music: "Adamant" by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen, Anna Dager, and Hanna Ekström 

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