Better Witch

How to be a Better Christian Witch

August 11, 2022 Bronxwitch Season 1 Episode 1
Better Witch
How to be a Better Christian Witch
Show Notes

Ep1 - 08.09 - A Better Christian Witch (Season Premiere) - Rev. Valerie Love
In the Better Witch season premiere, our guest co-host is Rev. Valerie Love, author of How to
Be A Christian Witch. Rev. Love chats with Aly about being a christian witch, the instances of
magick in the bible, misconceptions about christian witches and so much more! Because when
we know better, we witch better!

Welcome to the Better Witch podcast! A new podcast on the Modern Witch network hosted byAly Kravetz (AKA BronxWitch). Better Witch is a podcast dedicated to helping modern witches of all backgrounds make sense of the journey to becoming a better, stronger, magickal being. Each week, we’ll explore a new path, practice or tradition and chat candidly about them with some of your favorite real-life witches. The idea is to learn from the experiences of other witches because when we know better, we witch better.

This season, we’re tackling topics like getting initiated, blending witchcraft with christianity, being an eclectic witch in a modern world and sex magick. Get excited for appearances from witches Like: Madame Pamita, Olivia Graves, Mint Siegel, Juliet Diaz, Keon Dillon, Thorn Mooney, Lilith Dorsey and so many more!

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