And Then I Sing

And Then I Sing — Part 3

September 25, 2022 Lois
And Then I Sing
And Then I Sing — Part 3
Show Notes

In Part 3 of And Then I Sing, an offer Frank can’t refuse to perform in Havana leads to a flurry of bad press that follows him for the remainder of the decade. Will his career, and marriage survive?

Featured in this cast were:

Brett Solimine as Frank, Nancy Pop as Nancy, with Eirik Gislason, Alain Laforest, Kacie Laforest, Mary Murphy, Michael Pate, Gus Rodriquez, Matt Roper, and James Scully.

Original music was written by Fred Travalena and sung by Patrick Barnitt, Nancy Osborne, and Fred Travalena.

Musical direction was by Jim Barnett.

Standard songs were sung by Frank Sinatra and Enrico Caruso. 

Josh Wilcox of Brooklyn Podcasting Studio was engineer. 

Lois Travalena was executive producer, and James Scully director and post-producer. 

Our entire team would like to dedicate And Then I Sing to the memories of Frank Sinatra and Fred Travalena, with a special thank you for Lois.