La Dolly Dispatch

Let's Talk about Blythe with Becca

October 10, 2022 Annie & Angelique Season 1 Episode 9
La Dolly Dispatch
Let's Talk about Blythe with Becca
Show Notes

Another week another fabulous episode coming up!

We are lucky enough to get a chat in with Becca Whitcomb, a well known collector  in the Kenner world.

She has amazing knowledge on the original Kenner Blythe and has created 2 websites that fills in some of the gaps on both the original Kenner and new Blythe doll releases.

She also tells us about her trip to BlytheCon Cincinnati 2022, fun times were had and many a Kenner was there to celebrate her 50th birthday.

Listen in to find out what  little tidbits of info Becca has about our favourite girl!

If you have any news or info you would like to share about the world of Blythe, please let us know.

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