La Dolly Dispatch

Christmas Cheer, Q&A and Catch Up!!

December 05, 2022 Annie & Angelique Season 1 Episode 17
La Dolly Dispatch
Christmas Cheer, Q&A and Catch Up!!
Show Notes

Can you hear the jingling of bells on Santa's sleigh or the rustling of Christmas wrapping as gifts are being popped under the tree?  NO, well listen in to Annie & Angelique's  jaunty,  jovial, and  jolly conversation to get you into the spirit of Christmas!

This, the last episode for season 1 and the last for the year is very much in Christmas mode.  You will be entertained  today with  talk of what we would like to find under the tree on Christmas day( Blythe dolls of course), very special catch ups and some questions posed by our listening audience .

We have said this in the episode but we would like  to thank everyone  of you that have listened in to us rambling on about our love of Blythe dolls and embracing this podcast so we can continue on next year with season 2.

We wish you the happiest of holidays and the best New Year!!

Annie & Angelique

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