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August 15, 2022 Jane Monteith Season 1 Episode 1
The Curious Creator
The Curious Creator Trailer
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Welcome to the official Trailer of The Curious Creator, hosted by Artist, Jane Monteith. Listen in to find out what's in store and how it will become your favourite go-to Podcast for artist growth, support, advise and more!

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Jane [00:00:00] 

Hello there and welcome to the Curious Creator Podcast. I've created this community just for you, the creative individual. If you're an artist looking to peak curiosity, gain some inspiration, motivation, and all the knowledge necessary in order to become the thriving artist you've always wanted to be;

You know the one - that happy artist, proud artist, the one who is able to sell their work? Then this is the podcast for you my friend. 

Hi, I'm Jane Monteith. A self-taught artist who's been in the business of art for over a decade. From running my own mural, design company, creating and selling art online, internationally to becoming a published author with a BOOK in four different languages, and teaching art online to thousands of other artists, just like you. 

I've made a lot of mistakes in the past, but I'm here to share with you all of my experiences, so you can avoid some of those mistakes that I've made. I'm also here to share with you tips and tricks for creating great art. Share business advice from myself and others so that we can all learn on this journey together and become the best most confident artists we can be.

Well, that is the podcast in a nutshell, my friend, if this all sounds good to you and you wish to take this journey with me, then please do hit the subscribe button right away, and I'll look forward to chatting with you in the next and upcoming episode.

Bye for now.

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