The Seren Poetry Podcast

Christopher Meredith : 'Still'

October 20, 2022 Alternative Stories Season 1 Episode 3
The Seren Poetry Podcast
Christopher Meredith : 'Still'
Show Notes

Welcome to The Seren Poetry Podcast, a series of conversations and readings with Seren poets.

 In this edition we speak with poet and novelist Christopher Meredith. Christopher Meredith is the award-winning author of five novels and five collections of poetry. His poetry collection ‘Still’ and short novel ‘Please’ were published simultaneously in 2020. ‘Still’ explores the plethora of meanings intrinsic to the word ‘still’, meditating on the paradoxes of stillness and motion, on the capacity of memory and imagination, landscapes and art to capture stillness or fixity, when all is implicitly transient and fluid. His novel ‘Please’ is a love story about the impossibility of being in love and the impossibility of telling stories. Sophisticated and controlled, it explores how hard it is to know yourself or others, how language has the power to conceal even as it reveals. Full of humanity, sly humour and verbal invention, ‘Please’ is Christopher’s shortest and arguably funniest, most innovative and most outrageous novel to date.

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