The Seren Poetry Podcast

Eric Ngalle Charles : 'Homelands'

November 24, 2022 Alternative Stories Season 1 Episode 8
The Seren Poetry Podcast
Eric Ngalle Charles : 'Homelands'
Show Notes

Welcome to The Seren Poetry Podcast, a series of conversations and readings with Seren poets.

 In this edition we speak with poet Eric Ngalle Charles. Eric Ngalle Charles was born in the west African state of Cameroon, a country rich in mythology and natural beauty, but with a troubled colonial history. Arriving in Wales as a near-penniless migrant, after being trafficked to Russia by a criminal gang, he has remade his life as a poet/writer, and dazzling performer of his own work. In this conversation we chat to him about his debut poetry collection Homelands.

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 This conversation was recorded on location at the Seren office in Bridgend.


You can follow Eric on Twitter @yomadene

 Other books by Eric Ngalle Charles:

‘I, Eric Ngalle’ (Parthian Books)

‘The 3 Molas’ (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch)

‘Hiraeth Erzolirzoli: A Wales – Cameroon Anthology’ (Hafan Books)


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