The Seren Poetry Podcast

Rhiannon Hooson : 'Goliat'

November 16, 2023 Alternative Stories Season 2 Episode 1
The Seren Poetry Podcast
Rhiannon Hooson : 'Goliat'
Show Notes

Welcome to The Seren Poetry Podcast, a series of conversations and readings with Seren poets.


In the first episode of series 2, we talk to Rhiannon Hooson about her collection ‘Goliat’, the long-awaited follow up to her Wales Book of the Year shortlisted debut ‘The Other City’. Full of vivid imagery, pointed observations and informed by a deep sense of history, these poems offer absorbing stories of a precarious world on the brink of climate emergency. We chat to her about her fascination with the more-than-human, how arts informs her poetry, and the collection’s central sequence ‘Full Moon on Fish Street’.


Dr Rhiannon Hooson is a Welsh poet and author who has won major awards for her work, including an Eric Gregory Award from the Society of Authors. She has performed at literature festivals across the UK, and her work has been featured in the Guardian, Magma, and Poetry Wales among others. In the last few years, she has been a Literature Wales bursary recipient, a Hay Festival Writer at Work, poetry editor of Creative Countryside magazine, and the judge of the PENfro festival poetry competition. She has a PhD in poetry from the University of Lancaster and spent time living and working in Cumbria and Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, before settling in the Welsh marches.


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‘The Other City’ 


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