The Seren Poetry Podcast

Glyn Edwards: 'In Orbit'

November 30, 2023 Alternative Stories Season 2 Episode 3
The Seren Poetry Podcast
Glyn Edwards: 'In Orbit'
Show Notes

Welcome to The Seren Poetry Podcast, a series of conversations and readings with Seren poets.


In this episode we speak to North Wales-based poet Glyn Edwards about his collection, ‘In Orbit’ which is a sustained narrative of love, loss and longing. Using a variety of innovative forms, the collection explores grief and how we come to terms with losing someone close to us. The natural world offers sustenance and a new perspective in the face of intense emotions as a man struggles to come to terms with news of a beloved teacher’s death.   


Glyn Edwards is a PhD researcher in ecopoetry at Bangor University. His first poetry collection ’Vertebrae’ was published by the Lonely Press. He co-edits Modron, a journal for environmental writing, and the Wild Words feature for North Wales Wildlife Trust. He is a former winner and trustee of the Terry Hetherington Award for Welsh young writers and works as a teacher in North Wales.


‘In Orbit’ is available in bookshops nationwide or from the Seren website 


The podcast is presented by Rhian Edwards  

The interviewer is Sarah Johnson  

The interview recordings are by Sarah Johnson.

Production, sound design and editing are by Chris Gregory of Alternative Stories 


You can find out more about Glyn Edwards by visiting his website or following him on social media @glynfedwards


Other books by Glyn Edwards:

‘Vertebrae’ (The Lonely Crowd) 


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