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Manuela Zoninsein: Founder and CEO of Kadeya

October 17, 2022 Manuela Zoninsein
Darts in the Dark
Manuela Zoninsein: Founder and CEO of Kadeya
Show Notes

Manuela Zoninsein is an entrepreneur, and founder of 3 companies, and is on a mission to eradicate single-use plastics with her latest endeavor named Kadeya.

As a Brazilian-American fluent in Mandarin-Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese, she takes a global and inclusive view in everything she does. 

Her company Kadeya is disrupting unsustainable supply chains by building an interlinked circular network where materials are infinitely reused. It is a closed-loop water vending service powered by digitally-connected reusable water bottles and mini bottling stations. They deliver convenient, quality, low-cost water that reduces carbon footprints and digitizes water consumption for users. 

Connect with Manuela and Kadeya:

Topics we covered
[:60] Week in the life of a founder
[2:53] Background and upbringing
[5:50] Traveling to China
[7:45] Writing for Newsweek in Bejing
[10:48] Starting a business in China
[14:02] Breaking down barriers
[15:45] Naming Kadeya
[20:35] Relationship building through brand name
[23:35] Solving single-use plastic waste
[26:00] Potential for the Kadeya stations
[30:00] Solving for CPG distribution
[32:00] The future of packaging
[36:18] Digitizing hydration

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