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Lauren Murray: Lead Engineer at Charm Industrial

November 23, 2022 Lauren Murray
Darts in the Dark
Lauren Murray: Lead Engineer at Charm Industrial
Show Notes

Lauren Murray

Lauren is the Pyrolyzer Front-End Lead Engineer at Charm Industrial working to bring the atmosphere back to 280ppm CO2 and reverse the damaging effects of climate change through the development of a carbon-negative pyrolysis process. 

Charm Industrial

Charm Industrial is working to return the atmosphere to 280 ppm CO₂. They design, build and operate a fleet of mobile fast pyrolyzers that convert ag and forest biomass residues into bio-oil for use in carbon removal and direct-reduced-iron steelmaking.

Charm uses plants to capture CO₂ from the atmosphere. They convert biomass into a stable, carbon-rich liquid and then pump it deep underground. This removes CO₂ permanently from the atmosphere, out of reach of wildfires, soil erosion, and land use change.

Topics we covered

[1:20] Lauren’s Path to Charm Industrial

[2:50] Goal to 280 ppm

[3:25] Having fun in clean-tech

[5:50] The two sides of the business: Carbon removal & Emissions reduction

[10:55] Early challenges and opportunities

[13:08] Who are their customers?

[14:50] How individuals and companies can work with Charm

[16:07] Being part of an early-stage start-up

[18:55] The importance of mentorship

[20:06] The culture at Charm

[21:33] The future of Charm

[23:15] Turning problems into solutions

[25:30] What keeps Lauren hopeful for the future

[27:00] Where does the name Charm come from?

[27:35] How to get involved

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