Darts in the Dark

Design Solutions for Climate Change: Panel discussion at Sacramento Design Week

December 17, 2022 Produced by Serotonin Creative Consultancy
Darts in the Dark
Design Solutions for Climate Change: Panel discussion at Sacramento Design Week
Show Notes

Recently we had the honor to join forces with Marc O'Brien from Climate designers.org and Capitol Creative Alliance for a talk on Design Solutions for Climate Change at Design Week Sacramento.


Marc O’Brien


Design Week Sacramento

Capitol Creative Alliance

 Topics we covered

[:50] What is design, and why is it important to address the climate crisis?

[4:58] How does design show up in our lives?

[7:40] How can designers show up in taking climate action?

[12:50] Ayana Elizabeth Johnson on how you – specifically you – can help with climate solutions: Climate Venn Diagram

[16:18] Nature-inspired design in fashion

[19:00] Speaking up in the workplace

[20:05] Voting with your dollar

[24:50] How to have influence with your clients

[29:30] How to lean fully into sustainability in your business

[35:25] Creative Climate resources: 2040, Kiss the Ground, Seeding Change, the Story of Stuff, The Breakdown, earthrise, Pique Action, Century of the Self, Exterminate all the Brutes, Shepard Fairy, Banksy, Culture Jamming, Brandalism, Climate Town, Climate Base, Clean Creatives, climatedesigners.org, Serotonin Creative Consultancy.

[43:50] How to get into creative firms/orgs as a student/recent grad

Thank you to Amanda Sebastiani for being a great host and Amanda Sanchez for the gracious invitation.

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