Darts in the Dark

David Garrison: Founder & CEO of Climate & Capital Connect

February 22, 2023 Produced by Serotonin Creative Consultancy
Darts in the Dark
David Garrison: Founder & CEO of Climate & Capital Connect
Show Notes

Climate and Capital Connect:
The world's first professional networking platform for climate action

David Garrison:

Topics we covered
[2:16] experience in Networking on the platform
[3:50] Background leading up to creating the platform
[6:35] How Climate and Capital Connect was created
[7:35] The type of networking that happens on the platform
[8:35] Making meaningful connections to drive innovation 
[8:58] The role of empathy in networking
[13:17] Enterprise applications
[16:00] How the platform works
[20:28] Casey’s experience on the platform
[21:46] What makes for meaningful connections
[22:48] Curious generosity
[26:00] The future of Climate and Capital Connect
[32:57] Hidden benefits


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