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Navigating Change: Helping Your Teen Embrace Setbacks and Grow from Those Experiences Ep. 46
Navigating Change: Helping Your Teen Embrace Setbacks and Grow from Those Experiences Ep. 46 11:29 SAT vs ACT: Key Differences, Digital Changes, and the Role of Test Prep in College Success with Shahar Link from Mindspire Ep. 45 38:03 Take a Sneak Peak into the College Experience by attending College Info Sessions: Steps on how to Maximize this Experience Ep. 44 10:11 [Career Spotlight] Exploring Pathways in Biomedical Engineering: From NASA to School Boards with Andy Garcia Ep. 43 40:34 Choosing Between a Community College and a Four-Year University: An In-Depth Look at the Decision-Making Process Ep. 42 19:36 Helping Navigate the Common App: Insights and Strategies Ep. 41 13:04 The Triumphs and Trials of a Columbia University Graduate; from Medical School to Biomedical Engineer Ep. 40 51:19 First-Generation Harvard Student's Guide to Navigating Higher Education [Student Spotlight] Ep.39 37:45 (Spanish Edition) De la Frontera a Harvard: La Inspiradora Trayectoria de Kassandra Ep. 39 40:03 Top 4 things your teen could do right now to make this your best school year, yet! [Back-to-School-Edition] 14:10 [Student Spotlight] How to continue your dream of going to college even with a disability w/ The Deaf Queen + How ANY student can be encouraged by her story Ep. 37 32:34 How to maximize the remainder of your Summer before School Starts + Insightful tips [Student Pep Talk] Ep. 36 14:16 PA School Physician Assistant [Career Spotlight] + An inside look at how to stand out amongst other applicants w/ Paola Gonzalez @ MD Anderson Ep. 35 41:50 College & Free Services for ALL + An inside look at GT and Special Services w/ Dr. Severance Ep. 34 52:04 Navigating Career Paths with Confidence + Open conversations with between teens and parents Ep. 33 16:26 How to Declutter Your Life + The Gift of Experiences w/ Chrysty Lockhart Ep. 32 34:07 [Student Pep Talk] The Journey Begins: Unleashing Your Potential and Embracing the Extraordinary Ep. 31 32:42 [Career Spotlight] INTERIOR DESIGNER to BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and everything in between w/ Kelsey Paul Ep. 30 54:42 Knowledge that never goes to waste + Looking at your career as an experience and not as an end goal w/ Maria Burgos Ep. 29 48:00 Anxiety, my personal experience + Conquering the chaos within Ep. 28 15:17 [Student Pep Talk] The Power of Mentorship 2+ the how to w/ Sonia Cacique Ep. 27 9:33 [Student Pep Talk] The Power of Mentorship 1 + the why w/ Sonia Cacique Ep. 26 9:47 [Student Pep Talk] Student anxiety and school safety + coping mechanisms w/ Sonia Cacique Ep. 25 16:50 [Student Spotlight] My journey to Harvard University + what I want to SHARE with YOU! w/ Kassandra Rodriguez Ep. 24 44:10 We say Good-bye to the Momfluence Podcast; we welcome the College & Career Ready Podcast for Parents + Students 8:39