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77. How Your Words Impact Your Adolescents' Performance
Episode Artwork 77. How Your Words Impact Your Adolescents' Performance 15:34 Episode Artwork 76. How to Help Your Student Improve their SAT and ACT Scores, Get Into Top Colleges, and Win $1,000's in Scholarships w/ Dr. Shaan Patel 37:55 Episode Artwork Bonus: The Art of Local Scholarship Hunting, a Hidden Secret Google Search Scholarship Tip, and a Scholarship Opportunity for College Students Away From Home 8:33 Episode Artwork 75. An Innovative Pathway to an Engineering Degree: A Partnership between Industry, Community College & Texas A&M Engineering with Eddie Alvarado 41:17 Episode Artwork 74. Combining Passions in Chemical Engineering and Business Management, Finding Community and Being Resourceful: a Student Tale from Zimbabwe to Bucknell University with Omuhle Ndhlovu 44:24 Episode Artwork 73. The Impact of Paid Internships and Experiential Learning with Bernadina Gonzales Streeter 52:44 Episode Artwork [Bonus] Scholarship Opportunity | Cafe Bustelo 2:23 Episode Artwork 72. The 3 Steps To Take When Your Teen Decides To Change Their Career Plans 30:38 Episode Artwork [Bonus] How to File an Appeal for Financial Award Aid When Your Family Requires More Funds 5:53 Episode Artwork 71. High School Options (Pathways, Certifications, Dual Credit, Endorsements) Plus Tips to Reduce Stress and Anxiety in the Process. 35:13 Episode Artwork 70. Acceptance letters, rejection letters and waitlist. How to decide what college and the rollercoaster of emotions. 18:08 Episode Artwork 69. [Career Exploration] The Future of Oil and Gas: High-Tech Careers and Environmental Innovation with Industry Insider Mark LaCour 22:18 Episode Artwork 68. Find Summer Programs to Gain Meaningful Experiences 11:40 Episode Artwork 67. [Career Exploration] A Career In Veterinary Pharmacy with Alexandria Arnett; Texas Tech University Student 35:12 Episode Artwork 66. Connect with your teen using their primary love language 16:28 Episode Artwork 65. Guide Your Teen Towards their Ideal Career using a 4-Step Framework 13:16 Episode Artwork 64. [Student Pep Talk] Finding your Faith, Gifts & Friendship: Sarah's Journey from Interior Design to Non-Profit Leadership (Sam Houston State University; former Southeastern University student) 42:11 Episode Artwork 62. Is it Stress or Anxiety? Strategies in Managing Mental Health for Kids, High-Achieving Teens and Adults with Lauren Wolfe 43:13 Episode Artwork 61. [Student Pep Talk] Craft a Strategic LinkedIn Presence for Ambitious Students w/ Jesse Undergrad Student at Howard University 28:43 Episode Artwork 60. Helping Students Plan for the Future with Sonia Cacique and Freddy Cruz 36:39 Episode Artwork 59. College Admissions: A Guide for Homeschooled Students with Expert Pat Wesolowski 45:54 Episode Artwork 58. From Poverty to Prosperity: Journey to Light w/ QVC Jewelry Designer Lia Valencia Key 56:30 Episode Artwork 57. Youth Suicide Prevention and Mental Health: An Open Conversation w/ AnneMoss Rogers 58:18 Episode Artwork 56.The Two Most Essential Skills Every Potential College-Bound Student Needs for College Success 15:34 Episode Artwork 55. [Career Exploration] Embracing Sustainability: From Dentistry to Founding a Sustainable Fashion Company with Maria Burgos 40:20