Body-Speak Podcast with Beth Anne Fisher

The Pain About Pain

January 17, 2023 Beth Anne Fisher & Kaylee Johnson Season 1 Episode 11
Body-Speak Podcast with Beth Anne Fisher
The Pain About Pain
Show Notes

Show Notes:

Pain...maybe it's not what we think and it's very real...

  • Book by Joanna Bourke, The Story of Pain: From Prayer to Painkillers
  • Why this topic hits home particularly for Kaylee
  • Quote from Dr. Peter Mere Latham
  • The former paradigm of “Pain Management” - not simple, but it is complex and evolving
  • Persistent Pain - has the quality of intact tissue (at least from what we know right now); not thought to have tissue damage after 3-6 months…so what keeps making pain happen then?
  • International Association for the Study of Pain, updated 2020 definition of pain
  • Pain as sensory and emotional
  • Carolyn Vandyken, Canadian physiotherapist
  • Beth Anne adds that pain also has a spiritual domain, in her opinion. Research not quite ready to support this yet…
  • Think of the emotional component as ‘distress’
  • Podcast episode with Elizabeth Gilbert & Kate Bowler
  • Concept of ‘catastrophization’ - helpful and not? A scale that measures it
  • The ‘Pain Volume’ knob - Beth Anne’s metaphor

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