The Benefits of Castor Oil Postpartum
Queen of the Thrones® Podcast
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Queen of the Thrones® Podcast
The Benefits of Castor Oil Postpartum
Feb 29, 2024
Queen of the Thrones®

Castor Oil has been celebrated all over the world for its multi-purpose abilities, bringing you whole body wellness- without needing to consume it!

Sounds wonderful, agreed? In this podcast we will learn about Castor Oil’s uses in postpartum:

Castor Oil can help in postpartum hair loss: Your Queen of the Thrones® Castor Oil Hair Mask, is  a nourishing, natural hair remedy that supports thicker and longer hair, enhance shine and strength and nourish breakage and split ends that happens during pregnancy

Castor Oil is not only great for the hair on your head, but for your lashes and brows too. But, maybe you’re wondering if this self-care practice is safe while breastfeeding?

Thankfully, the topical application of Castor Oil on your eyelashes and brows is a safe self-care practice. 

Applying Castor Oil topically on your breasts can also bring you wonderful skin-loving nutrients and support. Plus, you’ll be able to support your breast wellness even more with the Castor Oil Packs for Breasts!

Also, Castor Oil is an effective remedy for constipation post delivery. Postpartum constipation is the unwelcome guest that makes its appearance after childbirth.  As if postpartum recovery wasn’t challenging enough, then when you add in the discomforts of constipation post delivery it can feel like you're giving birth all over again, can you relate?

To reset your gut, fix constipation, and nourish depleted tissues, Queen of the Thrones Pelvic Castor Oil Pack practice is a great place to start! (Save the Liver Castor Oil Pack until after you’ve finished breastfeeding.)

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