How Castor Oil May Help Support Bone Spurs
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Queen of the Thrones® Podcast
How Castor Oil May Help Support Bone Spurs
Apr 25, 2024
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Have you or someone close to you been struggling with bone spurs? Bone spurs, or osteophytes, are bony growths that form in your joints or in the spine, and have the potential to cause significant pain and discomfort in your daily life.

The most common cause of bone spurs is osteoarthritis, with the damage and inflammation to the joints leading to the formation of bone spurs.

Aging is also a natural component to the formation of bone spurs. As our discs wear down over time, the ligaments become looser and can't support the joints as well.

To compensate, the body tries to thicken the ligaments to hold the bones together. Over time, these thicker ligaments start forming bits of bone.

This combination of thickened ligaments and new bone around the spinal cord and nerve roots puts pressure on them.

Aging also contributes to the breakdown of the joints, which may lead to inflammation, pain, stiffness, and deformity.

Castor Oil contains anti-inflammatory properties, such as ricinoleic acid, which studies have shown supportive in balancing  inflammation that helps to treat the main symptoms of bone spurs.

Plus, because Castor Oil may also be able to support bringing circulation to your joints via nitric oxide stimulation, while potentially supporting  lymphatic drainage. So, it could be said that reduced inflammation may enhance blood flow to the joints, potentially bringing comfort to the inflamed area.

Now that we’ve looked at Castor Oil on its own, what about combining that with an actual Castor Oil Pack? Well, a Castor Oil Pack can make a versatile and supportive self-care option, wrapping around the lower back, providing natural warmth and comfort.

Plus, the gentle compression of a Castor Oil Pack is thought to help your body enter the ‘rest and digest’ state, supporting relaxation, which may help ease sore muscles and joints.

Some other factors to consider in the formation of bone spurs include:

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