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Movement Driven with Dr. Greg Goldberger

October 10, 2022 Dr. Greg Goldberger Season 1 Episode 9
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Movement Driven with Dr. Greg Goldberger
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On this episode, Dr. Greg Goldberger, doctor of Physical Therapist and TPI certified, has  the mission to re-invent to mindset in which we approach physical therapy. His business, "Movement Driven" located in Jacksonville, FL, helps people to get out of pain and take control of their health helping them get back to whatever it is that drives them to move. Dr. Greg has worked with many NFL and MLB professional athletes as well as golfers to help decrease pain and deficiencies in mobility and strength that may be limiting their performance on the course. In this episode Dr. Greg will discuss his craft, address common limitations golfers experience, as well as give insight and recommendations as to what golfers can do to elevate their performance on the course by incorporating certain mobility exercises off of the course.


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Dr. Greg Introduction
Stay Ahead of Injury
Performance Physical Therapy
Performance PT vs. Traditional PT
Working Together with the Team at The Golf Academy at St. Johns
TPI Assessments and Integration into a Plan
"Strong" Doesn't Mean You're Firing the Right Muscles
Flexibility and Hidden Immobility Issues
Athletic Support Team
What is a Brewing Injury & How to Prevent It
The Injury Snowball Effect
Identify & Address the Route Cause
Lack of Mobility & How it Affects Strength Training
Where Do Golfers Typically Physically Underperform?
Coach Mo's Personal Experience at Movement Driven
Brute Strength Vs. Moving Efficiently