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“Becoming a PING Tour Tech” with Jack Ulrich

October 17, 2022 Jack Ulrich, PING Tour Tech Season 1 Episode 10
Coach Mo Golf Show
“Becoming a PING Tour Tech” with Jack Ulrich
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Jack Ulrich, Furman Men's Golf Alum & PING Tour Tech discusses his love of the game since he was a young kid growing up in a family where the love for golf runs deep in the blood with his father being the Worldwide Manager of GolfPride grips, and his grandfather Wally Ulrich was a PGA Tour Champion in the 1940s-50s. Jack takes us back to his junior golf days, all the way up through playing college golf at Furman, and now life on the road as a PING Tour Tech. Tune in to hear advice, personal stories, and heartfelt moments from the life of this PING Tour Tech.


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Episode Intro
Jack Intro
7th Grade Jack
Picture Perfect Season
The "Mullet Shirt"
Transition from State Championship Team to College Golf
Golf Runs Deep in the Ulrich Blood
Jack's First Love: Golf
Career Opportunity at PING Golf
Self-Sacrifice for the Better Good
Getting the Gig as a Tour Tech
The Daily Grind of a Tour Tech
Working with the Tour Pros
Know Who You Are & Stick to a Plan
Statistics are Great
Tony Finau Treats Everyone Like Family
PING Putters
PING Family Stories
How Has Furman Prepared You at PING
Mentors Are Giving You Advice for a Reason