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"Lotte Fox & Elon Women's Golf: A Fall to Remember"

November 07, 2022 Lotte Fox, Elon Season 1 Episode 13
Coach Mo Golf Show
"Lotte Fox & Elon Women's Golf: A Fall to Remember"
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Lotte Fox, is a Junior on Elon's Women's Golf Team and her and the Elon Phoenix had one of their most impressive seasons to date.  The team won two of their fall tournaments in a row beginning at William & Mary's event and winning the next week at their home event at Alamance CC.  Lotte and her team narrowly missed a hat trick three tournament win streak by two strokes at Boston College Intercollegiate.  The team finished their fall season at the College of Charleston's event at Edisto Island where the team struggled the first two rounds but finished the fall season off on a positive note being the only team to shoot under par the final round and inside the top-100 in the D1 Golf Stat rankings. Individually, Lotte had her best season yet and her highest collegiate finish to date, T3, at her home event. Lotte sits down to talk about her and her team's fall season, amongst a lot of other topics including, team chemistry and culture, when to stick to a plan and when to adapt some changes, as well as establishing good interpersonal relationships between coaches and players.


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Intro to Lotte
Fall Season on Fire
The Importance of a Good Culture
The Great Thing about International Players
Winning Streak Feels
Competing for a Team Vs. Individually
Getting Ahead vs. Staying Present
Riding out the Momentum
Process, Don't Force It
Desperately Searching for Results Vs. Sticking to a Plan
Find the Right Coaching Fit
Lotte's Advice to Herself
EARNING a Golf Scholarship
Start Each Day with Gratitude
How Your Environment Affects You
You Can't Help Someone Who Doesn't Want to be Helped
Lotte's Conclusion