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Furman Women's Head Golf Coach, Jeff Hull, PGA

November 21, 2022 Coach Jeff Hull, PGA Season 1 Episode 15
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Furman Women's Head Golf Coach, Jeff Hull, PGA
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Furman Women's Head Golf Coach, Jeff Hull, PGA, is a former D1 All-American player and All-American Scholar at University of South Carolina. As a Coach, Jeff is a 3x Southern Conference Coach of the Year, has coached the 2020 D1 Female Player of the Year & 2020 Annike Award Winner (Srinavasan), as well as has coached 3 Furman Athletes of the Year (Totland, Srinavasan, Morgan). Jeff sits down to talk all golf from players that have developed at Furman during his 10-year career there, key components of what he values as a coach and an instructor, as well as qualities he looks out for in players.  Jeff talks about making your bad golf better, understanding what makes the ball do what it does, as well as more effective ways to practice. The Furman practice facility has many amazing new upgrades thanks to donations from Brad Faxon, Furman Men's Golf Alum, as well as Cindy Davis, former CEO of Nike Golf, another Furman Women's Golf Alum.  Coaches, players, and parents will be able to walk away with learning something new about Coach Jeff Hull, his coaching style, and the Furman Women's Golf Team.

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Intro to Coach Jeff Hull, PGA
Why Players Develop & Improve at Furman
Types of Players Jeff Looks Out For
Dottie's Furman Plan B
Know What You Want
Furman's Facility
Sometimes The Ball Flight Gets in the Way
Jeff's Instruction Philosophy
It's All About Imact
Understand What Affects the Golf Ball
Effective Practice Examples
Making Your Bad Golf Better
What is Being Coachable & Uncoachable?
When the Going Gets Tough, Do You Get Going?
Becoming The Best Version of Yourself
Coach Jeff's Final Words