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"Judgment Matters" with Dawn Woodard

December 05, 2022 Dawn Woodard Season 1 Episode 17
Coach Mo Golf Show
"Judgment Matters" with Dawn Woodard
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Dawn Woodard, Furman Women's Golf Alum, and expert Performance Consultant of, “Judgment Matters”  explains her Judgment Index assessment and how it has helped some of the top ACC, SEC, small powerhouse colleges as well as the former #1 Junior in the world better understand themselves, their tendencies, and how their thinking ultimately affects their behavior and performance on and off the golf course.  Dawn works with athletes, parents, business professionals to maximize a player’s decision-making and performance. Athletes and professionals are able to learn the WHY behind why they make the decision they do, gain perspective on how the athlete views themself, and the what, who, why influences their decision making, and how they see the world. Once Dawn is able to identify how this help/hinders a player’s performance, she can then create an affective and highly personalized performance strategy for the player, coach, and entire family to improve their performance. 

Dawn is a phenomenal athlete herself, a Furman Women’s Golf Alum, 8x SC Women’s Am Champion, & 3x Carolinas Player of the Year.  Dawn has competed in 39 USGA events, including 18 consecutive USGA Mid Ams, 3x USGA Mid-Am Medalist, 3x USGA Mid-Am Quarterfinalist.

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Dawn Intro
Dawn as a Furman Paladin
39 USGA Amateur Events
Choosing Not to Turn Professional
Fundamentals for a Future
Mid-Am Golf
Judgment Matters
What Your Kid Actually Needs to Perform Well
Managing Your Own Natural Tendencies
Who Judgment Matters Helps
Mina Harigae, World's Former #1
Pressure to be Perfect
Chemically What is Happening?
Zooming Out
Owning What is Good for You
Coaches: Helping Your Player Tap into their Potential
When are Kid's Value's Set?
Judgment vs. Personality Assessments
College Players and Values
Can't Fool the Judgment Index
Professional Benefits, Not Just Athletes
Your Own Children are All Different