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Auston Kim, Progression from Jr. Golf-->College Golf-->Professional Golf

January 30, 2023 Auston Kim Season 1 Episode 21
Coach Mo Golf Show
Auston Kim, Progression from Jr. Golf-->College Golf-->Professional Golf
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Auston Kim, is a recent 2022 Vanderbilt Women’s Golf Grad and a Rookie on the Epson Golf Tour.  Auston will discuss with us today her junior golf days, though her high school days and what it was like being an International Baccalaureate (IB) student at Nease while simultaneously training her golf game through the rigors and demands of an IB academic schedule.   Auston prevailed and credits the IB program for helping her be very prepared for the demanding scheduling of a top D1 student-athlete.  Auston had an impressive career as a college player for Vandy with two individual wins to her name and 15 top-10 finishes. While in college, Auston qualified for 3 US Women's Opens and was selected to play in the prestigious Augusta National Women's Amateur (ANWA) which she will discuss what an incredible experience that was on this episode.  Auston just wrapped-up her first six moths as professional golfer on the Epson tour, and will play a full Epson schedule in 2023.

Tune into to hear Auston's rise from junior golf to college golf, to now being a rookie on the LPGA's Epson Tour. She will discuss the ups and downs as well as what her training schedule looks like. Lots to learn from Auston on this episode, thanks so much for your time, and we wish you the best in 2023 and beyond!


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Intro to Auston
Nease High School Golf & IB
Choosing Vandy
Transition from HS Golf to College Golf
US Opens & ANWA
The Transition to Rookie Year on Tour
The Next Step
Knowing Your Tendancies
Practicing with Pressure
Letting Go
What Has Golf Provided You?
Auston's Goals for 2023
What does Auston's Preparation Look Like?
Hindsight is always 2020
Auston's Final Piece of Advice