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Go with the flow feat. Dan Micak (BA '06)

October 04, 2022 UWaterloo Alumni
UWaterloo Alumni Podcasts
Go with the flow feat. Dan Micak (BA '06)
Show Notes

A lot of people go to university with one career idea, but leave with a different plan. Dan Micak (BA '06) did that twice.

A hockey and baseball fan, Dan entered Waterloo's English Rhetoric and Professional Writing program with dreams of becoming a sports journalist. But after some time working with UWaterloo's student newspaper, those aspirations faded. 

Still focused on a career in sport, Dan went to law school. Maybe he could manage players. 

Dan did become a lawyer, but he doesn't work with athletes or sports teams. A decade into his career, he manages a team of lawyers at Lightspeed, a global software company listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. He joins today's podcast to explain how he got here, and offer advice for aspiring lawyers and those studying the humanities.

Read the show notes: https://uwaterloo.ca/news/impact-stories/podcast-go-flow 

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