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Language Learning Beyond the Classroom: Board Games with Luke's English Podcast

August 30, 2023 Season 1 Episode 65
English Like A Native Podcast
Language Learning Beyond the Classroom: Board Games with Luke's English Podcast
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E65: Do you know the highest-scoring three-letter word in Scrabble or which board game the British government used to stash real cash during World War II? Prepare to have your game-loving mind blown as we uncover these secrets and more with Luke, from Luke's English Podcast. From spirited discussions about the strategic intricacies of chess to the hilarious chaos of Hungry Hippos, we'll share stories, tips, and trivia that will make you see your game cupboard in a whole new light.

Our guest, Luke, brings a unique perspective to the table, discussing how board games can be powerful tools for language learning. You'll be surprised by the fascinating tales we unpack, like how a young woman turned verbal abuse from chess opponents into a winning edge and the mind-boggling value of the world's most expensive chessboard. We promise an episode filled with laughter, learning and a renewed appreciation for the world of board games.

👂 Luke and I discussing Monopoly at great length: https://pod.link/312059190


A huge thank you to Luke for joining me on this episode. Be sure to subscribe to Luke's channel as he has so many incredible episodes for your listening pleasure over on:
▶️ https://www.youtube.com/@LukesEnglishPodcast
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