Finding Your Voice with Special Guest Dr. Doreen Downing
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Finding Your Voice with Special Guest Dr. Doreen Downing
Mar 28, 2023 Season 1 Episode 18
Rita Boccuzzi and Jen Lee

Rita and Jen have special guest Dr. Doreen Downing on the show today!

Dr. Doreen Downing has her own podcast called "Find Your Voice, Change Your Life." It quickly became a true passion for her. She loves meeting people, hearing people's stories, and finding the inspiration in their life! The whole point of this podcast is to give people an opportunity to conquer their fears of public speaking and assisting them with finding their voice!

If you struggle with public speaking, this episode is for you. Dr. Doreen Downing dives into how to identify your anxiety around public speaking and how to approach it from a different perspective. Change your life today!

About Dr. Doreen Downing

I’m Doreen Downing, PhD, Psychologist, Founder of Essential Speaking, and Training Director of Speaking Circles® International with over thirty years of experience working with individuals, couples, and groups.

Earlier in my career, as I was helping others overcome their fears, I carried a hidden terror of my own. I was afraid to speak in public.

I have discovered that the key to confident speaking is being fully present and connected to my Essential Self.

After earning a degree in Sociology in the 1960’s my life path led to Malaysia as a Peace Corps volunteer. I realized that at the core of social problems were communication and relationship issues. I returned to get a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley and began my private practice in the 1980’s.

I believe my calling is to facilitate personal and professional transformation and to help people recover their vibrant inner spirit and speak without fear.

I now teach others how to dissolve stage fright forever through Private Coaching with Doreen Downing, PhD, Speaking Circles®, Fearless Speaking Workshops, and Self-Guided E-Courses. As Training Director of Speaking Circles® International, an organization dedicated to helping people speak more naturally and powerfully, I lead authentic communication seminars worldwide. I also co-lead the Speaking Circle® Facilitator Certification Program and have trained Facilitators who now practice in Canada, Europe, India, and Asia.

For more information about Essential Speaking with Doreen Downing, PhD.