19. Helping the Entire Mortgage Industry | Jonathon Haddad
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19. Helping the Entire Mortgage Industry | Jonathon Haddad
Jun 06, 2024
Brad Rice & Jamie Cavanaugh

Jonathon Haddad, the new CEO of AIME, joins Brad and Jamie for a chat about his journey from bartending to commercial real estate and how that led him to the mortgage industry. He also discusses his family background, work ethic, and the impactful advice that shaped his career.

About Jonathon Haddad:
Jonathon Haddad is the CEO of the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME). Jonathon joined the wholesale channel in 2019 with Next Door Lending, where he transitioned from Vice President to Managing Partner and President. Jonathon still continues to originate to ensure he does not lose sight of what it takes to be successful, Haddad originated $20 million across 60 mortgage loans in 2023, with $800 million as Next Door Lending’s overall mortgage volume under his leadership.

After six years at one of the largest companies in retail, Jonathon made it to the Regional Vice President. Jonathon transitioned to the wholesale channel after recognizing its commitment to supporting homebuyers aligned with his own beliefs. In his 11 year career, Jonathon has been helped facilitate over 5 billion dollars in mortgage transactions. That includes personal production and his team production.

Since joining AIME as CEO in 2024, Jonathon has utilized his high-level experiences working on both sides of the mortgage industry to best support, educate, and empower the entire mortgage broker community and homebuyers nationwide.

Jonathon’s mission is simple: help brokers close more loans. Haddad’s leadership is fully focused on providing tangible business support for the nation’s wholesale brokerages and implementing large-scale pro-broker awareness, so the entire homebuying industry knows that the future of mortgage is in independent mortgage brokers’ hands.

The link Jonathon mentioned during the episode: https://aimegroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/05/Increasing-Refi-HELOC-Conversions-The-Sales-Script-for-Mortgage-Brokers.pdf

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