The Boater's Lounge

Ep 13 - PROPEL your career with Oasis' development program

February 13, 2023 Oasis Marinas Season 1 Episode 13
The Boater's Lounge
Ep 13 - PROPEL your career with Oasis' development program
Show Notes

Welcome to The Boater's Lounge by Oasis Marinas!

In this series, we envision the forum can inspire, inform and educate our audiences by bringing together thought leaders from our marine industry partners, friends & experts as we explore various topics affecting us and the boating community nationwide, and eventually across the globe. Our mission is simple, we’re here to engage with our team, our boaters, marina owners, partners, and the boating community at large. 

Oasis Marinas is not just a marina management and experience company. We aim to foster our team members' professional development and help support employee goals along the way. 

How do we identify and develop our leaders? Our Director of Talent, Paul Goldsholl is here to answer all our questions! 


A few years ago Paul developed the Oasis Propel Program to help our operations teammates excel in the marine industry. Today, the Program has had many graduates who have jumpstarted their careers! We are pleased to have Paul on, with a recent Propel graduate, and now Assistant General Manager, Morgan Ball, to discuss this unique and important program!  

"The focus of the program is around developing yourself as a leader and supplementing with the technical pieces".

In this episode, hear...

  • how the Oasis Propel Program started and the components of the development course, including the e-learning platform, experiential assignments, and the in-person summit
  • the purpose and goals of the program
  • and about an AGM's real life experience with Propel

Don't worry corporate employees! There are plans in the making for corporate leadership Propel paths. Stay tuned for more information.

Want to see if you are a good fit for the Program or interested in applying? Reach out to Paul at or connect with your supervisor today for more info. 

 Do you want to join the Oasis team? Connect with Paul and our HR team for any positions within the organization here!