Between Two Cairns

UK1: Beyond the Crystal Cave

December 28, 2023 Season 2 Episode 21
Between Two Cairns
UK1: Beyond the Crystal Cave
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Yochai & Brad are joined by Sam Mameli aka Skullboy to review Beyond the Crystal Cave by Dave J. Browne, Tom Kirby, and Graeme Morris, and answer a mailbag question.

Mailbag Question:

  • If a module were just the location descriptions and nothing else, what is the one other addition that you just simply could not do without?

Thanks to Bobby McElver for the show's music, and directsun for the deep dive bumper.
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The horrors of Q95
Roko's Basilisk
Do you remember the blood plague?
Mailbag Question
Landmark, Hidden, Secret
Sam prefers backstory
Every module needs a random encounter table
Main Review
Deep Dive
The Secret Garden is British

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