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023 - Money, Transparency, and Risk with J. Money

March 02, 2023 Amy Alexander, Chad Alexander, J. Money
Valiant Business
023 - Money, Transparency, and Risk with J. Money
Show Notes
In this episode, we have the pleasure of talking with J. Money from the wildly successful blog

J. Money chronicles, in a completely transparent way, his entire finances on his blog. I’m paraphrasing and skipping quite a lot about J. Money, but here’s a short version of his impressive bio:

In 2007, he went looking for a 2 bedroom apartment and ended up buying a $350,000 home with no money down and no budget. He went online to search for budget advice and ended up starting his own blog. It quickly took off, with more than 20M views a month, and he went full-time as a blogger. He’s gone on to increase his personal net worth from $50K to 1M+, he’s won 12 industry awards including Blog of the Year and Lifetime Achievement. He’s been named a top social influencer in the personal finance and wealth world, is regularly featured in Forbes, In Magazine, New York Times, LA Times, and more.

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