Total Schmidt Show

Total Schmidt Show (TSS47P) Johnathan Scott Roth

June 21, 2023 Lenny Schmidt Season 1 Episode 47
Total Schmidt Show
Total Schmidt Show (TSS47P) Johnathan Scott Roth
Show Notes

TSS47 - Johnathan Scott Roth
Johnathan is a singer. More specifically, a baritone. We met on the Sapphire Princess. He was working on the main cast. Saw him e in the big shows. But, he really blew my away in his solo show. The ships cat people in productions, but then "fly-on:" Guest Entertainers to do their own shows. Pretty much what I do. John was just starting to put his own Guest Entertainer show together. He crushed. Kind of a country boy theme. It's a perfect show for US ships out of the south.... which is 90% of the cruise ships. Won't be long before he's working all those ships. It''s a great show. 

From New Hampshire, spent some time in NY, Spends a lot of time at the Wohlfahrt Haus Dinner theater in Wytheville, VA.... In fact he'll be there all summer (2023) Playing Johnny Cash.  "Million Dollar Quartet" He also makes his own soaps, candles, and colognes.... John is an interesting cat.

Wohlfahrt Theater info:
Johns Homemade/Handmade products can be found on Instagram @Johnshomeadehandmade

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