Total Schmidt Show

Total Schmidt Show: Kent Jenkins (TSS17P)

August 11, 2023 Lenny Schmidt
Total Schmidt Show
Total Schmidt Show: Kent Jenkins (TSS17P)
Show Notes

I literally ran in to Kent 3 days before this show streamed. Seriously. We talked 10 minutes and I knew I had to have him on the show. We recorded this on the NCL Getaway. he was in a show called "Junk". A way cool, hip, kind interactive, visual and sound show. Close to "Blue Man" group (whom Kent has done work with in the past as well) I wanted to get this up quick because he jumped on the Intarweb/video thing like I did. Does some cool IG and Tik Tok stuff This Saturday (10/29/23) he premieres a brand new video over on his very own YouTube channel.

His stuff is so cool, make sure you hit the links throughout the episode!!

Check out his Socials, especially his TikTok... all  @snubbyj  

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