Relationship Diversity Podcast

How Do I Get to Know Myself?

October 13, 2022 Carrie Jeroslow Episode 6
Relationship Diversity Podcast
How Do I Get to Know Myself?
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Show Notes

Welcome to the Relationship Diversity Podcast, where we celebrate, question and explore all aspects of relationship structure diversity from soloamory to monogamy to polyamory, and everything in between because every relationship is as unique as you are.

Episode 006: 
How Do I Get to Know Myself?

When we are so used to putting our energy into everything and everyone but ourselves, it can be challenging to shift the focus inward.

Sometimes we become aware of all the thoughts and feelings we buried just to get through our day, week, month, or year. 

In this episode, I give ideas about how you can begin cultivating the relationship with yourself. When YOU are your most intimate relationship, you are more aware of your true thoughts, ideas, and feelings. This allows you to be your authentic self in your other relationships which is imperative to move into more of a conscious, intentional experience. 

This is Relationships Reimagined.

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