Blue Beryl
Psychedelics, Mysticism, Aliens, and the Dao, with Dominic Steavu
Episode Artwork Psychedelics, Mysticism, Aliens, and the Dao, with Dominic Steavu 58:17 Episode Artwork Embodying the Dao, with Paul C. Wang 50:52 Episode Artwork Intro to Season 2: Embodied Spirituality 53:57 Episode Artwork BONUS: Buddhist Medicine in Contemporary Times, with Pierce Salguero (rebroadcasted from the Buddhist Medicine & Yoga Podcast) 1:16:14 Episode Artwork Women & the Body in Buddhism, with Amy Langenberg 1:08:01 Episode Artwork A Buddhist Approach to Self-care Sovereignty, with Pamela Boyce Simms 45:03 Episode Artwork A Chinese American Buddhist Healer, with Kin Cheung 53:18 Episode Artwork Buddhist Healing in Contemporary Japan, with Rev. Nathan Jishin Michon 1:01:00 Episode Artwork Situating Religion and Medicine, with Michael Stanley-Baker 1:03:05 Episode Artwork Traditional Medicine in Laos, with Elizabeth Elliott and Ounkham Souksavanh 45:59 Episode Artwork Awakening the Body, with Willa Baker 57:45 Episode Artwork Embodiment and Pedagogy, with Frances Garrett 1:00:58 Episode Artwork Buddhist Ritual Magic, with Zachary Lui 49:45 Episode Artwork BONUS: "Buddhish" and "Buddhist Medicine," with Pierce Salguero (rebroadcasted from the Imperfect Buddha Podcast) 1:23:37 Episode Artwork Healing Buddhist Studies, with Paula Arai 52:15 Episode Artwork Buddhism and Traditional Thai Medicine, with Nephyr Jacobsen 1:05:47 Episode Artwork Buddhist Responses to Covid, with Ven. Pemaratana 51:52 Episode Artwork Zen Chaplaincy, Activism, and Scholarship, with Wakoh Shannon Hickey 51:48 Episode Artwork Buddhist Medicine in Tibet, with Bill McGrath 1:18:35 Episode Artwork Introducing Season 1 "Buddhist Medicine," with Pierce Salguero & Lan Li 58:12