PRODUCTEA with Leah, Growth & Senior Leadership

36: David Yockelson - How to get plg RIGHT in B2B

September 09, 2023 Season 3 Episode 4
PRODUCTEA with Leah, Growth & Senior Leadership
36: David Yockelson - How to get plg RIGHT in B2B
Show Notes

Season 3 of the ProducTea: We spill the tea on how to Go to Market through Product-led Sales and Product-led Growth in B2B and the realities of senior leadership.

I followed David’s succinct learnings as a Gartner Analyst around PLG for quite some time and you’ll get to know why. He has a way with words. Talking about PLG in a B2B context usually lacks nuance and tactical tips.

Not with David, we touched on so many different topics from interactive demos to the most common misconceptions when thinking about PLG and ultimately how to marry it to your sales department.

How you can think about ungating your product without giving everything away for free?


05:05 Being demanding in business while having a calm outside
07:05 When a company loses its sense of urgency
11:45 Product-led Sales: Many companies realize “We need sales.” or “We need PLG”, and one group has it much harder than the other
17:15 Product-led growth is not a one-size-fits-all thing.
19:25 Why getting attention in a commoditized market with sales-led growth is starting with a disadvantage
20:35 The most common misconceptions around PLG for Sales-led businesses
24:20 Pricing and packaging have to change if you go to a land and expand motion like product-led growth
27:35 Should I put my pricing up or not? Yes. And much more than that. Ungating for B2B
32:40 Interactive demos done right: Embedding an abstraction of your product
36:15 Why enterprise accounts don’t care about time but usage and why you cannot get this wrong in B2B
39:05 “Why does my sales cycle take so long, how do I move them faster?”
42:05 Tearing down Silos in data and customer understanding

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